Is Marvel Planning To Whitewash War Machine For Marvel Legacy While Killing Off Jane Foster?

Throughout the day, Marvel has been "changing the comic book industry" by releasing a series of mostly innocuous teasers revealing homage covers for most of their previously existing series, with a couple of new things thrown in here and there. We haven't seen any information on creative teams, or really anything all that exciting. We did see that we'll be getting new Moon Knight and Spirits of Vengeance series, and that Hulk will be renamed She-Hulk, and we can glean a few story details out of the images. But as far as a universe-shattering announcement like Marvel teased, we haven't seen it so far. There's still a little time left today, so maybe they're waiting until the last minute.

However, journalist Charles Pulliam made an interesting observation about one of the covers:

Of course, we don't really know if these homage covers will necessarily describe what happens in the books, but replacing War Machine with The Punisher would be unlikely to go over well, and would contradict Marvel's claims in the wake of their "readers don't want diversity" scandal that they plan to keep all their new, more diverse characters around even while bringing back many of the old ones. In their most recent press release copy, Marvel touts Legacy as "honoring the past while embracing the present." Is that really what's going on here?

Or, when you consider they just teased killing off Jane Foster in the Mighty Thor as well, is there a different theme emerging?

Let us know what you think.

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