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First Jane Foster Thor In What If #10 Up for Auction
Many wondered what events could lead to Portman's Jane Foster becoming the next Thor, and director Taika Waititi opened up about the chance to acknowledge the Jason Aaron/Russell Dauterman comic storyline that played a pivotal role, Natalie Portman picking up Mjolnir and transforming herself into Thor, which also put the effects of breast cancer on[...]
Thor #12 Review: This Is A Mess
Nic Klein DOCTORS FOSTER & BLAKE, READY YOUR SCALPELS! Once upon a time, Jane Foster and Donald Blake were more than friends With Blake at her side, Jane could've shared the very throne of Asgard Now they are about to become the bitterest of enemies And if Valkyrie falls, she'll have lost more than a crown[...]
WandaVision: Kat Dennings on Darcy’s Opinion of Jane as Mighty Thor
I can't wait for it." Image courtesy of Marvel Studios Dennings and Stellan Skarsgård's Erik Selvig were part of Jane Foster's research team introduced in 2011's Thor with Chris Hemsworth's debut as Thor Odinson None of the research team actors joined Hemsworth in 2017's Thor: Ragnarok Portman made a vocal cameo in Avengers: Endgame (2019)[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
And if Jane Foster does become the new Phoenix as we speculated, that could be a little bit weird, right? There's a preview of Avengers #42 right here. AVENGERS #42 MARVEL COMICS DEC200595 (W) Jason Aaron (A) Luca Maresca (CA) Leinil Francis Yu THE BATTLE TO DECIDE THE ALL-NEW PHOENIX RAGES ON! Who will wield the destructive cosmic power of the[...]
Avengers #44 Changes Description For Debut Of Marvel's New Phoenix
And much is being made of the mystery of who she is. Mystery Phoenix on Avengers #44 cover. What if it is Jane Foster? It was current Avengers writer Jason Aaron, who made Jane Foster into the new Thor when Thor Odinson was considered unworthy to wield Mjolnir After that, it was Jason Aaron who recast Jane[...]
When Marvel Comics Foreshadowed The Future Of Star and Valkyrie
Might cosmic powered beings trapped against their will play out in any way in a story about Knull? Or is this for something completely different? And yes, Valkyrie: Jane Foster was cancelled with #10 so we never got to see the planned Foreshadow variant cover for Valkyrie: Jane Foster #11 But here's a little foreshadowing of[...]
Jane Foster: Valkyrie #9 [Preview]
Last issue, Valkyrie found herself in a team-up-gone-bad when stupid ass Thor had to go and touch the anti-life… …transforming him into evil Thor! Oh no! Now Valkyrie must kick his ass if she hopes to survive… but she's not sure she wants to! Of course, Thor doesn't seem to be giving her much of a choice. So it's[...]
Mattia de Iulis Joins Valkyrie: Jane Foster Creative Team in May
Valkyrie: Jane Foster makes it past ten issues this May, a milestone for any modern Marvel comic And the book is celebrating with a brand new storyline and a new artist: Mattia de Iulis Valkyrie heads to Hel for this new storyline which also involves Loki, as revealed in Marvel's full May 2020 solicitations The[...]
REVIEW: Valkyrie Jane Foster #7 -- "Makes The Core Conflict Seem Super Contrived"
RATING: HONORABLE MENTION. VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER #7 Al Ewing & JASON AARON (W) • Pere Perez (A) • Cover by Mahmud Asrar TIME OF DEATH: NOW! Valkyrie teams up with Marvel's Mightiest Medics to save the life of the ultimate patient — Death herself! With a universal force on the cosmic operating table, the end of everything is one[...]
Valkyrie: Jane Foster #4
Check out the preview below. Doctor Strange's soul is the prisoner of the Grim Reaper, and if he delivers it to the afterlife, he will claim the title of Valkyrie and Jane Foster will be screwed. Jane catches us up on the situation. As these two job candidates compete for their coveted position. As the battle rages, Mephisto watches[...]
natalie portman
Not only would Portman return to the role of Jane Foster, but she would also be wielding Mjolnir, the legendary hammer of Thor (Chris Hemsworth), as well Portman spoke with Entertainment Tonight while promoting her latest film, Lucy in the Sky. Photo by: Mike Smith/NBC "They came to me with the idea and said, 'We have this[...]
Valkyrie #2 [Preview]
Valkyrie #4 by Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, and CAFU is in stores next week from Marvel Comics, as the titular Jane Foster does her best to cope with a first day on the job that didn't go so well… But first, a recap Get yourself up to speed. So since Jane failed to stop some D-list villains[...]