Monday Runaround – Violating Our Restraining Order

BookWatch: Steve Bissette previews his new book Teen Angels And New Mutants looking at the Bratpack comic and the treatment of superhero sidekicks in general…

"The killing of comic book sidekicks was becoming big business in the late 1980s, when Rick Veitch first conceived Brat Pack, but it's definitely big business now… Veitch knew this, and wove this element into the narrative itself. "Look at these figures—they're robbin' us blind!" King Rad wails as the corrupt heroes scrutinize their own merchandizing figures, anticipating the motivating factor in the creation of the creator-owned Image Comics coalition a few years later."

Monday Runaround – Violating Our Restraining Order

QuoteWatch: Heard at Emerald City Comic Con

mikemorgan:  (mother to young son) "there might see some boobies here, I just want you to be prepared"

batakbeatrix: First overheard conversation of the day? A bunch of nerds talking about how they weren't violating their restraining order. Really.
ardaniel "I am architecting the shit out of Fear Itself." –Fraction
And from everybody. "Bruce is not hot, Dick is hot" – Felicia Day
IndiaWatch: There has been an influx of Indian comic books based on classic Indian mythology. But some people are concerns.
Rajan Zed, who is president of Universal Society of Hinduism, said that changing ancient Sanskrit scriptures to fit the commercial machine were likely to hurt the Hindu sentiments. Refashioning Hinduism concepts, symbols, and doctrines for mercantile greed was not okay. Hinduism was the oldest and third largest religion of the world with about one billion followers and a rich philosophical thought and it should not be taken lightly.

RingWatch: Tom Brevoort confirms they "oopsed" over the Reality Gems

Or I'll goof up which Infinity Gem which guy got. We didn't double check it. We just assumed Brian had it right and moved ahead. Oops. We foul up in the same sort of way that back in the day Stan would foul up and the way that everyone who's come since has fouled up. We are, sadly not perfect.

BC ComicChron

This is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

DC Comics' Bob Harras Talks About The Wonder Woman TV Costume | WonderWomanTV

"I've seen some sketches for the Wonder Woman costume and I will say this today – there is every intent to make them similar," he says. "People do these TV shows and these movies because they love the characters. And with DC being able to work much more closely with Warner Bros, I think you'll be happy with what comes across."

Someone Finally Gets Details on the Arabic-language Reprint of the 1956 MLK Comic

Since first publishing the book in 2008, Ziada and her group, the American Islamic Congress, say they have distributed thousands of Arabic-language issues of "Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story" in the Middle East, including in Tahrir Square at the height of January's revolution.

AltJapan: Project A

In spite of what the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry would have you believe about "Cool Japan," the anime industry is in serious trouble. Perhaps the biggest problem is that appallingly low salaries have hollowed out the talent pool to the point where even Academy Award winning directors like Hayao Miyazaki can't pull together enough people to animate an entire film by hand anymore.

Schools as comic book publishers

Mathew shares his idea in his Ignite London presentation about helping kids with comics. Or more precisely, rewarding innovation and individuality in students instead of drilling the idea of needing passing grades in order to be productive members of society. We need to invent new ways to prevent kids from falling behind.

Dirty Dozen: Kurt Busiek

We're still a ways away from book publishing, where the audience supports author-owned work at least as enthusiastically as company-owned work, and the author-owned work represents the vast majority of work published. Plus, "creator-owned" in comics comes with many more strings attached, in terms of film and licensing rights. – Ding-Dong, the Code is Dead!

Forgive an old man crowing and doing a jig on a virtual grave, but in a process that arguably began with my own humble collaborative work with Alan Moore and John Totleben on Saga of the Swamp Thing #29, it must be noted (belatedly, but nevertheless noted) that the Comics Code Authority instituted in the fall of 1954 is no longer operational.

Welcome to the New Comics Journal | The Comics Journal

Hi there, and welcome to the new online Comics Journal.

The French Kick Ass

Green Boy Vs Dirty Girl


Batman 1935

I have been messing with a Batman story set in the 30s for a while now, and decided to share some of the concept art I have done (above). Especially now with the news coming from ECCC that DC is planning a new season of Wednesday Comics, I feel even more inspired to develop a little more this story, fully packed work schedule permitting. ;)

Ian Sharman's (Mainly) Racing Blog: Guinness World Record at the Napa marathon (don't laugh)

This was my first Napa Valley marathon and I wasn't disappointed, although I did virtually drown for the entire race. That was thanks to the Spiderman costume and the combination of rain and trying to drink from water cups through a slit in my head mask.

Monday Runaround – Violating Our Restraining Order

Truett-McConnell students arrested after 'superhero' dash

The six men behind the masks — Spider-Man, a ninja and four Power Rangers — were arrested and charged Tuesday with disrupting or interfering with a school function. "We were all young … you throw a can at a sign or you knock a mailbox over," said Capt. Jim Couch, spokesman for White County Sheriff's Office. "But when you do something like this and you're (that) old and you disrupt a ballgame, that's just not right."

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