Paul Jenkins To Write All Winners Squad In June

All we have right now is a title. All Winners Squad: Band Of Heroes coming in June. That it's an eight issue series. And the knowledge that this may refer to the very first Marvel superhero team that appeared in All Winners Comics #19 from Timely back in 1946, with Captain America, Human Torch, Bucky. Toro, Whizzer, Miss America and Sub Mariner. This would later be retconned into the continuity of The Invaders.

Previously, Paul Jenkins was quoted about an upcoming project;

"In addition to the 'Thor' series I have another series in the works about the Second World War that is very far into production right now. I'm pretty sure that will be solicited some time very soon. It's something I'm incredibly proud of. I love that kind of material and I've got to say that the art work looks absolutely beautiful," Jenkins said. "It's sort of in the vein of my 'Captain America: Theater of War' specials, but those were all self contained single issues. This is actually an eight issue series that has a self-contained story, but what's cool about it is the series contains perhaps one of the most explosive and monumental secrets in mankind's history, which is in part covered up by members of the Marvel Universe."

Can we join up the dots without looking too silly?

Ooh look, this must be the cover. Which makes it look a very different kind of story indeed.

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