SPX Debuts -Terrestrial: A Fantasy Comics & Illustration Anthology

Amanda Scurti writes:

Terrestrial is an Earth-themed fantasy comics & illustration anthology. Provided with only the word "Earth" to begin their work, each artist has cultivated an immersive, unique piece that encompasses the natural and fantastical through visual storytelling.

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We have 18 artists of all different genders and nationalities contributing this round. After departing from Rookery, which I took up the helm of earlier this year, I thought it'd be nice to get some of the contributors plus some new artists together to participate in this book. I love fantasy and sci-fi works – visual and literary – but often they can seem sort of inaccessible to someone just starting their own journey into the genres. I think Terrestrial is how off-the-wall some people can go when given the same prompt while still retaining a lot of love for the subject at hand.

Our examples here are by:

Carey Pietsch has been working on several comics of her own creation, as well as several titles for BOOM! studios, including a Regular Show title written by Kevin Burk Halter & some work on the current Adventure Time run, like a short in AT#30 written by Ryan North. She will be at SPX – table E12.

Pietsch1Molly Ostertag is the artist for Strong Female Protagonist and also a fellow SVA classmate. She will be at SPX – table B14B.


Aatmaja Pandya is an illustrator/comic artist that has been running her webcomic, The Bell Blues, for a fair amount of time. She is also another SVA classmate. She will be at SPX – table B14B.


Peter Schmidt is an illustrator/cartoonist. Peter was an organizer of Creepythread along with Jensine Eckwall. The book debuted at MoCCA Fest as well and was very successful.


For those not attending SPX – Terrestrial can be purchased at storenvy here.

Amanda Scurti is an illustrator/cartoonist. She is currently working on a new issue of Tales of the Night Watchman for So What? Press, and was the editor for Rookery: Urban Legends & Myths which debuted at MoCCA Fest. She will be at SPX – table B14A.

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