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Here be Gerblins Softcover
Familiar with its namesake podcast, it was interesting seeing how the artist, Carey Pietsch, turned the book into something refreshing and just as delightful as the irreverent, profane and goofy podcast. If you're tired of the gloom and doom, and would love some high-fantasy and fourth-wall breaking silliness in your life, this is the book for[...]
Experience Marceline's Rampage In Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift TP
It's a well-known fact that Princess Bubblegum and Marceline's awesome friendship just makes the worlda better place! From KABOOM!, Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift TP, written by Meredith Gran (Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens) with art by Carey Pietsch (Adventure Time) will collect the complete six-issue limited series inspired by the hit Cartoon[...]
From Strip To Script – Adventure Time: 'The Manbabe's Lament'
Specifically, this page from the zine issue, which evokes Fist of the North Star insofar as…they…both have sand in them? And…and dudes flexing impressively? And, like, Lumpy Space Princess kind of looks like how dudes look in Fist of the North Star right before they explode? Okay, so that's all a stretch, but at least the[...]
SPX Debuts – Rift Is Just A Little Bit Magical
Carey Pietsch, developing on her Keepsakes series that also had a debut at MoCCA Fest last spring, has a new work coming to SPX: Rift. Rift is: …a story about sibling conflicts, fear, and hope, in a setting that's just a little bit magical Tess and Sam haven't been getting along all summer, and now a camp-wide[...]
SPX Debuts -Terrestrial: A Fantasy Comics & Illustration Anthology
I think Terrestrial is how off-the-wall some people can go when given the same prompt while still retaining a lot of love for the subject at hand. Our examples here are by: Carey Pietsch has been working on several comics of her own creation, as well as several titles for BOOM! studios, including a Regular Show title[...]