The New DCU Rumours That Were Nothing More

The New DCU Rumours That Were Nothing MoreYesterday on 4chan/co, an anonymous individual claiming to be a DC insider spilt a lot of information. From an ongoing Grant Morrison/Alex Ross New Gods series, to exactly when Barbara Gordon was Batgirl. That Bryan Q Miller was lined up to write Teen Titans from issue fie. That the Blue Beetle, original Question, and Ray Palmer Atom had been deleted from continuity. They took questions and answers and the back and forths went on for an age. Lots of new stuff, mixed with information I was already aware of because, well, I'd reported it. The James Robinson/Nicola Scott JSA series for example or the Grant Morrison/Cameron Stewart Multiversity book.

Still it was worth exploring. So I emailed a few people involved with such titles, asking them about specific nuggets of information I hadn't read before.

To a man, they replied back saying the new information I sent them was false.

And if some of the information is false, and it all comes from one source,  is it all false? Apart from the bits and pieces picked up reading this site and others, it seems so.

Now normally I don't mention the false leads I pursue, but since this was rather prominent (judging by the amount of emails I am receiving right now) I thought this deserved a public stamping on.

Stamp stamp stamp!

(Readies an unstamping devicefor when I'm proved wrong on this.)

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