The Wizard Subscriptions That Vanished

The Wizard Subscriptions That Vanished

I've been trying to get an answer on this from Wizard for months now. But Wizard people don't pick up the phone any more, they won't respond to phone messages left and they won't respond to e-mails.

When Wizard announced they were closing their Wizard and Toyfare print magazine for a free digital model, many subscribers were worried. What would happen to their paid-for subscriptions?

The answer I was given wasn't that pleasing – that their subscription would be handed over to another magazine, and that subscribers would receive that until the end of their term.

But it turns out that hasn't happened either. As far as we can tell, no subscription to any other magazine has been offered, and no one has received a refund. They've just kept the outstanding money. And are refusing to answer any questions about the subscription, the subscribers or where the money has gone.

Here are a few letters Bleeding Cool has received;

I made the mistake in October 2010 of buying a 2 year subscription to both Toyfare and Wizard. I received a total of 3 issues. I have never heard back from them and e-mails and calls go to NeverNever land. Any chance you can help?

Long time reader, first time writer… My question to you is and if you could possibly find out, what happens to all of us, the people who subscribed to Wizard and Toyfare magazines? We are being completely left in the dark. I've tried finding any info regarding this. NOBODY has reported any posible outcomes and/or scenarios regarding this. I personally had a two year subscription and was about 6 issues into that. No magazine now to hold in my hands to read; no refund for unsolicited issues?

Hey, Rich. I contacted you before concerning my Wizard Subscription, and how my check was cashed – taking $24 — and this happening AFTER the annoucement of Wizard's closure.

Well, I noticed on my bank account, that it wasn't a check they had cashed. They had used my Credit Card information (that's how I originally subscribed, on-line). I had just assumed it was my check they had cashed. Nope – they literally went and used my previous credit card information to take my money. And all this took place on the 28th – 4 days after they announced cancelation.

Even worse, I had sent in my re-subscription fee at the beginning of December. This probably explains why the check hasn't been cashed, but I'm worried it might eventually be cashed. So any word on what Wizard is doing for its subscribers would be greatly appreciated.

And I thought I was being smart getting my re-subscription fee in early.

I really wish I could help further. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.

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