Today's Action Comics Not Only Reveals The Fake Clark Kent But Makes Lego Superman Canon (SPOILERS UPDATE)


Today's Action Comics #975 by Dan Jurgens, Doug Mahnke, Paul Dini and Ian Churchill does what was promised. It reveals the identity of the Fake Clark Kent.

Of course, we have been here before.


Anyone remember Superman #30? In which a brand new Fake Clark Kent appeared wooing Lois Lane away from Superman?


Keen eyes will remember this thirties comic book as the first appearance of a certain fellow in a purple hat, Mr Mxyzptlk, the imp from the fifth dimension who caused all sorts of mischief for Superman, and a recurring character that would stick with him through the decades before being revealed by Alan Moore and Curt Swan as Superman's Big Bad.

And, yes, in today's Action Comics, it is revealed he pulled the same trick, transforming himself into the Fake Clark Kent who has been bothering Supeman and Lois Lane. And the Superman-obsessed being who escaped from Mr Oz' prison.

1488962159316 Although, just as Lana Lang talks about in Superwoman, working out exactly what is killing her, the timelines do seem a little confused in this regard.


But Mr Mxyzptlk sees it all, not just the 52 worlds of DC's Multiverse but beyond that – including making Lego Superman as canon as any other variation of the figure.


And bringing back the DC Universe idea of the Infinite worlds as well.


Though also defining Mr Oz' power base as intense to be able to capture and neutralise such a being. We are still less sure as to exactly what the Pre-52 Superman and Lois Lane is, or what the New 52 Superman was… and thankfully today's Superwoman  #8 by Phil Jimenez, Jack Herbert and Steven Segovia makes it even less clear.

I'm going to need a flowchart. Whose son is whose now?

It seems to suggest that this Lois and Superman are from the pre-Flashpoint reality. With a whole different history. And so the Lois and Superman currently in the Superman and Action Comics are someone else entirely. As Mr Oz seemed to tell them in DC Universe Rebirth

Today's Action Comics Not Only Reveals The Fake Clark Kent But Makes Lego Superman Canon (SPOILERS UPDATE)

UPDATE: Bleeding Cool reader Kris Rol goes back further.


It just goes down to Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow by Alan Moore and Curt Swan, where all his enemies go rogue, "the big guns turn into killers" and ultimately it appears it was Mr Mxyzptl's fault : the little guy had it being a funny annoyance and chose to become malevolent. Then Superman kills him with the Phantom Ray, and decides it means he just can't hold the title anymore, stages his down death, settles with Loïs with whom he conceives… a son.

This is the story Lana learns Clark never loved her as much as Lois and dies protecting him anyway.



Action Comics #975 and Superwoman #8 are published today by DC Comics.

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