Venom First Host #3 Booms on eBay After One Tweet From Donny Cates

All it took was a tweet enquiry to the writer of Absolute Carnage, Donny Cates.

And a response.

And suddenly the first appearance of the Sleeper Symbiote in Venom: First Host #3 has become a massive comics speculator hotspot.

The second printing featuring his first full cover appearance has suddenly sold copies for up to $55. with the first printing selling for up to $20.

Venom First Host #3 Booms on eBay After One Tweet From Donny Cates

Sleeper is the seventh spawn of the Venom symbiote, Sleeper. Venom and Eddie Brock opted to leave it in the care of Alchemax; stipulating that it could only be studied in a non-invasive fashion. When the Venom symbiote refused to return to its original host, the Kree soldier Tel-Kar, he took the Sleeper symbiote hostage and threatened to bond with and corrupt it unless it complied/ In the ensuing confrontation, the Sleeper symbiote bonded to and lobotomized Tel-Kar, later setting out to explore the cosmos, using Tel-Kar's mindless body as a puppet host.

But if speculation that the Sleeper Symbiote is actual Dylan, the son of Eddie Brock, this could just be the beginning…


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