Watch The Entire First Episode Of Joseph Gordon Levitt's New Show HitRecord On TV

This doesn't actually premiere on TV until Saturday, Jan. 18, on Pivot at 10 p.m., but you can now watch the entire first episode of Joseph Gordon Levitt's new TV show, HITRECORD ON TV, an extension of his open collaborative production company started in 2005.

I watched this entire thing and while it's enjoyable and cute, has high production values and really celebrates the spirit of collaboration in the arts (a spirit well served by the episode's theme: the number one), I'm really not sure if there will be an audience for this kind of thing on an ongoing basis outside of the artists who appear on the show themselves. Though, granted, there seem to be plenty of them. More than anything, this seems like great motivation to get more people involved with HitRecord.

Also, the first little short film starring Elle Fanning is darling.


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