Who Will Die In The Fantastic Four? (Spoiler)


Spoiler space just in case this is correct. This is all speculation, but still. Bleeding Cool believes that the Fantastic Four death will be… da da da da da da…

Ben Grimm, The Thing

Why? Well, the solicitation for issue #588's back up story, PLUS: The Amazing Spider-Man consoles Franklin Richards in a second all-new tale!"

A dead parent would be a bit much for Spidey too handle in terms of consolation, and Spidey knows all about grieving for dead uncles.

But wouldn't that naturally be Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, who Spider-Man has a bond with. Frankin's natural uncle, rather than Ben Grimm his adopted one?

And isn't The Thing seen in publicity for Fear Itself? Why yes he is. And that's the giveaway.

Marvel pulled distraction stunts like this before, getting Amazon to list a comic showing Iron Man with Captain America's colours, as if Steve Rogers took the Iron Man role after the death of Tony Stark.

The Thing is the only FF character seen in upcoming books. Which means he's the dead one and it's all distraction.

Oh and yes. Two Thing collections are solicited for March? Thing Liberty Legion? Thing Classic Volume 1?

Now, as Speculator Corner goes, I understand that orders on the death issue are 50% up on a normal issue. But with mass media attention kicking off, will that be enough? A second print is on the way, if you're going to speculate on this comic, be prepared to sell it as fast as you can. Think Death of Captain America…

Unless of course all three other Fantastic Four members die, just leaving The Thing…

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