Wrestling With Superior Spider-Man

TNA Wrestling's Christopher Daniels has been talking about one of the major issues facing wrestling today. Superior Spider-Man.

I was flabbergasted; I was floored by the end of issue #698 of Amazing Spider-man. I went on Twitter, I went everywhere I could to tell the world that Dan Slott, the writer of Amazing Spider-man, was a genius. I thought it was a great way to end The Amazing Spider-man series, and it was a game changer. It sort of changed the entire outlook of the Spider-man character. People that are sort of on the fence about it, or upset about it, they need to pick up the first issue of Superior Spider-man, because you can see the next step, the evolution of this character, and see that there is an endgame in play. It's gonna be great reading, and I recommend it to all the Marvel fans.

Wrestling With Superior Spider-Man
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On the restarting of Marvel's comics by number, as Marvel NOW.

I don't mind the renumbering. I understand that that's more of a business thing. I think they realize that fans are more likely to pick things up at the beginning of certain things. So in the past maybe ten years, both Marvel and DC, they've gone to not cancelling, but restarting books and rebooting them. It's a business decision. But to their credit, the creators, the writers, the artists, they make these reboots work creatively, and I think this is another example of that. The Marvel NOW! series that have been coming out, not just Superior Spider-man. Things like All-New X-Men, Indestructible Hulk, the Iron Man series that just restarted, Uncanny Avengers. All of these things are great jumping-on points for new readers. And for those of us that have been following Marvel for such a long time, the opportunity to see creators like Rick Remender and John Cassaday doing Uncanny Avengers, Leinil Yu doing Indestructible Hulk, Greg Land and Kieron Gillen doing Iron Man, and! then Superior Spider-man being written by Dan Slott and drawn by Ryan Stegman, these are all great beginnings and great upheavals in these characters' lives. It's great to read, and it's very interesting.

On the connections between comics and professional wrestling:

I tell people all the time that the closest you're ever gonna get to real-life superheroes is professional wrestling. We're telling stories of good and evil, and some of us have our own little superpowers, whether it's high flying or technical wrestling or whatever. These stories are happening in real life, in front of the fans, and I think that's why there's such a huge crossover of wrestling fans and comic book fans.

Influences on his own character:

I think one of the things that I have taken from comics is just the mentality of the villains, the megalomaniacal villains. The ones that have large endgames in process. I feel like those are the ones…guys like Magneto, he wasn't evil just for the sake of evil, he was evil because he had a vision and he thought he was right, even though the rest of the world judged him wrong. The interesting villains are the ones that are evil because they think that they're right and the world is wrong. That's sort of something I look at in terms of my character now, as someone who believes that he is the one who's in the right and everyone else has just got it wrong.

And being approached to work on a comic:

I haven't been approached, but I do have ideas, and I've made some friends at Marvel Comics. I hope I'll be able to sort of flesh out the ideas that I've had to make them into comic books. That's something in the future that I'll have to put some effort into. Right now, I've put all my efforts, all my time and energy, into enjoying the best year of my career and moving forward, trying to be the world champion, trying to gain success here at IMPACT.

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