Rise Of A Pirate Queen: Preview Anne Bonnie #4

One of Bleeding Cool's favorite indie comics series, Anne Bonnie is returning on June 10th for its 4th issue, written and illustrated by Tim Yates! The fifth issue is slated for early September, a sixth issue in early October. Anne Bonnie is published by Blue Juice Comics, where you can also find previous issues.

Tim Yates isn't tabling at Special Edition NYC this weekend, but he is going to be attending and hanging out at Gavin Smith's (Artist for Blue Juice Comics' other series Accelerators , which Yates also colors) for some of the weekend, E16. He will be leaving a box of Anne Bonnie # 4 with Smith if people want to get their hands on it early. So Anne Bonnie #4 is actually making a secret debut at Special Edition NYC. You heard it here first!

Here's our preview of Anne Bonnie #4 complete with Caribbean colors and high adventure:

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