Rob Liefeld is Happy Kevin Feige Took Over Marvel Comics, But He's Still Taking a Break

Today, we learned the shocking news that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has become the Chief Creative Officer of all of Marvel, including Marvel Comics. Former Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada will become EVP Creative Director and report to Marvel President Dan Buckley, who will now report directly to Feige on all creative matters, according to the report.

The news sent shockwaves throughout the comics world as possibly the biggest structural change at Marvel Comics since Disney purchased Marvel in 2009, though Feige has been gaining power under Disney, breaking Marvel Studios out from under the control of Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter back in 2015.

One person who was quick to react to the news was superstar artist Rob Liefeld, who seemed overjoyed by Feige's promotion, which isn't surprising considering Liefeld has recently hinted he may sue Marvel Comics for "shady practices" going on under Perlmutter's purview in "New York," though he remained cool with Feige's movie department.

One thing brought Liefeld particular glee…

As to Liefeld's outlook on what this means for the future of Marvel Comics?

And in related news:

More to come.

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