Rob Liefeld on Todd McFarlane: "And People Give Me Hell For My Feet"

Superstar artist Rob Liefeld has taken to Twitter to call notice to feet as drawn by fellow superstar artist and fellow Image founder Todd McFarlane after someone posted an old McFarlane Spider-Man drawing where Spider-Man has unnecessarily pointy feet.

This isn't the first time Liefeld has pointed out foot deficiencies in his peers while challenging the public conception that he himself cannot draw feet (even though he can, in fact, draw feet, and has drawn them many times before. Liefeld previously attributed Mike Mignola and Marc Silvestri with pioneering the art of not drawing feed, hiding them behind mounds. He's even pointed out that Frank Frazetta did it.

Of course, in Todd's case, it's not a lack of feet, but the rather an issue of pointy feed. But foot pointiness is beside the point, because Todd McFarlane was never the point of all this, just like Frank Frazetta, Marc Silvestri, and Mike Mignola were never the point. The point is feet. Not pointy feet. Feet as a metaphysical concept. Well, you get the point.

Point taken.

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