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Spawn Antifa Alt-Right
In the Spawn comic book series written by Todd McFarlane, there are… a lot more Spawns around right now Enough to make up a new team, The Scorched, launching next month Which, in the Spawn universe, have made supernatural entities walking the streets a little more visible than before. Including hordes of zombies and angels, gathering[...]
Gunslinger Spawn Comes Face To Face With The Modern Horror Of The Bathroom
When I talked to Todd McFarlane about Gunslinger Spawn, he told me "I think he could be my breakout character I mean he breaks out now, but I think I can push him even further, so if you think Spawn's badass, Gunslinger's gonna make Spawn look a little bit like a boy scout, because he's[...]
"Spawn" universe creator Todd McFarlane is expanding his multimedia reach with a deep dive into television, with Deadline Hollywood offering exclusive details on a development & production arm being launched as part of McFarlane Films to focus on series projects- development & production arm that already has a first-look television deal with wiip (Mare of[...]
Separated At Birth: Todd McFarlane, Bob Kane, Batman And Akira
Before Spawn, before Spider-Man, before Hulk, Todd McFarlane was an artist on Detective Comics for DC Comics, drawing Batman: Year Two in the mid-eighties Which has a habit of constantly being reprinted, with new eyes upon it. Todd McFarlane on Detective Comics for DC Comics On the Facebook group for Comic Swipes, Erik Larsen, co-founder of Image[...]
McFarlane Toys Brings The Batman to Life Once Again with New Figure
Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. LITG: The ten most-read stories, yesterday, 28th October, 2021 Credit: McFarlane Toys McFarlane Toys Brings The Batman to Life Once Again with New Figure Hasbro Pulse Con Deep Dive: Animated X-Men Marvel Legends It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15: So How Soon is "So Soon"? Bosch Spinoff Series Signals Season 1[...]
Todd McFarlane's Gold Spider-Man CGC 9.8 At Auction
This week, DC Comics told retailers that the 1:25 tiered variant cover for Batman #118 that plays off Todd McFarlane's cover to Spider-Man #1 would switch to be open order, such was the demand for it by retailers And while Todd McFarlane may no longer have that original cover artwork, he does have the opening[...]
Fanboy Rampage: David Michelinie Vs Erik Larsen Over Creation Of Venom
As it rolled on, Bleeding Cool reprinted their respective letters on the matter from 1993, and Todd McFarlane's recent statements on Instagram But it is possible, spanning the thirty-year gap, that we may have a little closure Because David Michelinie has posted a further follow-up as a result of Bleeding Cool's coverage of the matter[...]
Fanboy Rampage: 28 1/2 Years Of Arguing Over The Creation Of Venom
Recently, Bleeding Cool ran a Fanboy Rampage between Venom co-creator David Michelinie, looking to get a bit more credit for his co-creation than Todd McFarlane seemed to recently be giving, and Erik Larsen, who took over from Todd drawing the book, who pushed back on that And now Spider-Man artist Ron Frenz has taken it further, talking[...]
Fanboy Rampage: David Michelinie Vs Erik Larsen Over Creation Of Venom
But the journey from that moment to the first appearance of Venom, drawn by Todd McFarlane in Amazing Spider-Man #300 was a twisty-turny one Todd McFarlane is often given greater credit for Venom, and sometimes takes it himself, and with the release of the new film, David Michelinie wanted to put the record straight, again,[...]
Todd McFarlame, Donald Mustard and JJ Abrams at DC Fandome
Todd McFarlane will be there for the DC toys, but I bet he'll try to plug Gunslinger Spawn Donald Mustard is there for the Fortnite crossovers They've got Scott Snyder, but no mention of Josh Williamson, Tom King, James Tynion IV, Jorge Jimenez, Sean Gordon Murphy or Greg Capullo this time around… they just make the[...]
Todd McFarlane On The Amazing Spider-Man Artwork He Is Not Selling... Yet
Recently I talked to Todd McFarlane about Jim Lee's decision to sell the original cover artwork to X-Men #1, all four covers, for millions of dollars More details on that sale to come, I am hearing But I wondered if he had any similar gems and what it might take for him to sell them[...]
How High Will These Spawn CGC 9.8 Comics Go At Auction Today?
Todd McFarlane's Spawn comic has been breaking records with its sales of later, but as we previously noted, only a few years ago, sales numbers were in the low five figures Which means that renewed interest has seen the price of many of those mid-run back issues boom in terms of value, with their scarcity[...]
The 'Forever In Production' Spawn Movie Gets a New Writer
We know Todd McFarlane has a new Spawn movie in the works and has had for months We also know he is working on a Sam & Twitch TV series as well But his ambition extends further I talked to him last week about the launch of Gunslinger Spawn #1, but he has so much[...]