Rob Liefeld Quits Twitter Following DC Tweet Controversy

Today, the comics community, nay, the entire world mourns the tragic loss of one of the internet's greatest Twitter accounts. Yes, superstar comic book creator Rob Liefeld has left Twitter.

Rob Liefeld Quits Twitter Following DC Tweet Backlash


How could this have happened? Well, Liefeld announced the news Tuesday morning after a tumultuous day of arguing with people on the social media service after predicting that DC Comics would soon "drive off a cliff," a topic which we covered in depth yesterday.

Liefeld deleted the initial two tweets that sparked yesterday's uproar, which said:

DC Comics gonna drive off a cliff here real soon…..gotta get my popcorn.


I ain't never seen a company in as much disarray as DC Comics. Thank God they have Batman to act as their Tylenol, Asprin, laughing gas… "more Batman will fix it!"😂

But following those tweets and the others covered in our article, the Robster appears to have argued with fans who disagreed with him through the night, potentially leading to today's decision.

And finally, he said:


On the bright side, at least his butt feels good.

And yes, Liefeld will still be accessible on Instagram, but was it on Instagram where Liefeld ranted after quitted DC during the Nu52, implying his editor had a small penis? Was it on Instagram where Liefeld insulted DC's entire roster of creators as unable to pull off the then-upcoming DC Rebirth relaunch? Was it on Instagram where Liefeld called everyone who ever worked on Deadpool comics besides him a "D-Lister?" Was it on Instagram where Liefeld got into it with Tom Brevoort that one time, or that other time? Was it on Instagram where Liefeld accused Mike Mignola and Mark Silvestri of pioneering the art of not drawing feet? Was it on Instagram where Liefeld said that anyone who worked with him back in the 90s was lucky to hit the Liefeld lottery? Was it on Instagram where Liefeld said he could have created Deadpool with a janitor just as easily as with Fabian Nicieza?

The answer, of course, is no. All of those things happened on Rob Liefeld's Twitter. Well, except the last one, which happened in a New York Times interview, but it was on Twitter where Liefeld yelled at everyone for quoting him on it.

And so, though we may have lost Rob Liefeld's Twitter today, we choose to remember it not as it is now, sadly empty and never to be updated again, but as it once was, as bombastic and unforgiving as Liefeld's own personality. Plus, we'll always have Cameo.

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