Roy Thomas and The Partisans Return To Hexagon Comics, Right Now

We like to keep an eye on Jean-Marc Lofficier's Hexagon Comics USA line, European comics mostly written by Jean-Marc Lofficier, translated into English and distributed solely through his websiteAmazon page or at conventions. Selling enough copies to make it more than worthwhile, as well as making certain comics available to a wider English speaking audience. Retailers can purchase them at a 40% discount from distributor Ingram or from the publisher. And for November, that means two books, the first and second volumes of The Partisans by Jean-Marc Lofficier, Roy Thomas and Mario Guevara.

Roy Thomas and The Partisans Return To Hexagon In November

7×10 squarebound trade paperback, 64 pages b&w. ISBN-13: 978-1-64932-016-2. US$12.95.

Story by Jean-Marc Lofficier; Art & cover by Mario Guevara.

1942. North Africa. Under the direction of Erwin Rommel, the Nazis prepare to seize the mysterious city of Heliopolis, once the home of the mythical Egyptian gods and the depository of all their secrets. This will insure Germany's victory and her domination of the world. But in order to stop him, French General Leclerc has gathered a team of PARTISANS, comprised of Baroud, the Guardian of the Republic of Senegal, the amazon Antales, young Tanka, the legendary Imhotep, and the powerful Wazilla.
1945. Pacific Theater. The Americans' plan to seize Okinawa is compromised by the sudden arrival of a powerful alien, Lord Manduk of Vaur, who teams up with the formidable Japanese scientist known as Madame Y. President Roosevelt asks Dan Diamond of the O.S.S. to assemble another team of PARTISANS. These are Borneo jungle lord Corsak, Tibetan martial artist Xiu Kappa, sun-powered Apollo from the Midwest, the mystic Cheyenne warrior Red Feather, and super-fast Ricky Rox.
This book presents two World War II sagas about crucial events that, if allowed to unfold, might well have changed the course of history, without the intervention of the heroic champions known as… THE PARTISANS!

Roy Thomas and The Partisans Return To Hexagon In November
Roy Thomas and The Partisans Return To Hexagon In November

7×10 squarebound trade paperback, 84 pages b&w. ISBN-13: 978-1-61227-787-5. US$9.95.

Story by Roy Thomas; Script by Jean-Marc Lofficier; Art & Cover by Mario Guevara.

JUNE 1944. The day before the Allied landing. A group of super-powered Nazis threatens the success of Operation Overlord: Stahlmann, Vampyr, Scarlet Lips and other, even more terrifying creatures can stop the progress of the Allied troops on the beaches of Normandy…
But Churchill and De Gaulle have anticipated the danger! They dispatch a team of fearless heroes led by Captain Rick Ross, a.k.a. Baroud, the Archer Princess Sadko, the French Guardian of the Republic and Marianne, the famous Black Lys, the legendary Metal Man and the young American Ricky Rox… The fate of Europe is now in the hands of THE PARTISANS!
A prodigious saga of the last days of World War II published in France to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day and brilliantly staged by Roy Thomas (All-Star Squadron, Invaders), R.J.M. Lofficier (Dr. Strange) and Mario Guevara (Solomon Kane).

Roy Thomas and The Partisans Return To Hexagon In November Roy Thomas and The Partisans Return To Hexagon In November Roy Thomas and The Partisans Return To Hexagon In November

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