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The Comic Book Creator Credits Of Black Panther: Welcome To Wakanda
Jason Aaron, Bob Almond, Ken Bald, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Rich Buckler, John Buscema, Stefano Caselli, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Olivier Coipel, Gene Colan, Will Conrad, Mike Deodato, Scot Eaton, Steve Epting, Bill Everett, Matt Fraction, Billy Graham, Jonathan Hickman, Reginald Hudlin, Ken Lashley, Jonathan Maberry, Kenny Martinez, Don McGregor, Jimmy Palmiotti, Christopher Priest, Joe Quesada,[...]
Buying Neal Adams & Steve Ditko Original Art From a Hotel Room in 1969
Bob has told aspects of this story before, but this week he decided to connect names to his claims, Marvel and DC comic book editors and writers Roy Thomas, Len Wein, and Marv Wolfman.  Thomas has responded in detail, stating that he had no connection to the transaction described. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align:[...]
The Comic Creators With Special Thanks In Netflix's Sandman, And Why
First, here are all the credits as listed for Special Thanks: Episode 1:  Paul Levitz, Joe Orlando, Jack Oleck, Nestor Redondo, Jack Sparling. Episode 2: Gardner F Fox, Bob Haney, Paul Levitz, Joe Orlando, Jack Oleck, Nestor Redondo, Jack Sparling, Alex Toth, Mike Sekowsky, Mark Hanerfeld, Bill Draut Episode 3:  Stephen Bissette, Mike Carey, Steve Dillon, Gardner F[...]
Frank Frazetta Had No Input On Fire And Ice, Says Gerry Conway
Directed by Ralph Bakshi it is billed as a collaboration between Bakshi and Frank Frazetta, based on characters co-created by the pair, from a screenplay written by Conan comics writers Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas. The press release stated of Baksi and Frazetta, "he two developed the concept together and the film's art style was based on Frazetta's work,[...]
Marvel Comics Says Goodbye To Conan Today (Mostly)
and a pleasure digging deeper into the-lore and expanding it with the likes of Jason Aaron, Mahmud Asrar, Matthew Wilson, Travis Lanham, Esad Ribic, Roy Thomas, Jim Zub, Gerry Duggan, Meredith Finch, Saladin Ahmed, Tini Howard, Kevin Eastman, Chris Claremont, Larry Hama, Christopher Priest, Frank Tieri, Steven S DeKnight, Kurt Busiek, Dan Slott, Ron Garney,[...]
Written by legendary comic book writer Roy Thomas and illustrated by Pablo Marcos, with lettering by Oscar Gonzalez, the strips were originally published as webcomics in the format of a Sunday newspaper strip behind a paywall on the Edgar Rice Burroughs website The new collection, Tarzan of the Apes Volume 1, is set to hit[...]
Marvel Relaunches X-Men Legends With New Roy Thomas Wolverine Story
Roy Thomas is the first legendary writer to return to his classic X-Men run in the newly relaunched X-Men Legends #1, hitting stores this May Thomas will be joined by artist Dave Wachter to produce a new story set after his original run but before Giant-Size X-Men #1 Even better, Thomas's story will star Wolverine,[...]
Auto Draft
Wolverine co-creator Roy Thomas tells us about his latest creation or should that be re-creation? Since he wasn't actually involved in the penwork previously? Because he did write the words on the cover of the original Incredible Hulk #181 back in 1974 and this week he did it again on his own re-creation cover He[...]
Todd McFarlane's Mister Bones? Roy Thomas Says Not So Fast...
That includes the revamp of Venom getting chains, the return of Angela to Thor, and also the return of the traditional look for Mister Bones, credited as being created by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, and Todd McFarlane for Infinity Inc #16 Via his manager John Cimino, Roy Thomas gets in touch, wanting to set the[...]
John Buscema's Final JLA Barbarians Original Artwork at Auction
The book, written by Roy Thomas, was never published as John Buscema was diagnosed with stomach cancer after finishing the first issue and died shortly afterward, aged 74 The original artwork from that final – and first – unpublished issue has been made available for auction, as part of this weekend's Heritage Auction's listings for[...]
Marvel Premiere 1 featuring Adam Warlock, Marvel Comics 1972.
This pivotal Adam Warlock tale was written by Roy Thomas and penciled by Gil Kane with inks by Dan Adkins The story transforms "Him" into Adam Warlock and contains the first appearance of one of the Infinity Stones — the Soul Gem There's a copy of Marvel Premiere #1 CGC 8.5 up for auction in[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #100 On Auction Right Now At Heritage Auctions
Granted, Roy Thomas was game, but man, what a place to put another writer On auction right now is a nice raw copy of the book, and it's only $29 right now with only a day left to bid as of this writing Check it out below. Amazing Spiderman 100 Credit Heritage Auctions Name Me A Better[...]
Marvel Super-Heroes #20 interior page featuring Doctor Doom, Marvel 1969.
There's a copy of the Doctor Doom's first solo outing and the first appearance of Valeria in Marvel Super-Heroes #20 CGC 8.0 Off-white to white pages up for auction in today's session of the 2021 March 21-22 Sunday & Monday Comics, Animation & Art Weekly Online Auction #122113 from Heritage Auctions.  Despite the UN's Treaty[...]
Folio Society Captain America 80th Anniversary Selected By Roy Thomas
Selected and introduced by former Marvel EIC Roy Thomas, with the slipcase and binding designed by Michael Cho, this volume is available exclusively from The Folio Society Bleeding Cool will be taking a hands-on look at both books tomorrow, but here's a first look at what the volume will be bringing. © Marvel 2021 As with their[...]
WandaVision Gets New Comics Creator Credits - But Why?
Originally the credits ran: With special thanks to Brian Michael Bendis, John Buscema, John Cassaday, Olivier Coipel, Steven Englehart, David Finch, Richard Howell, Tom King, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Rick Leonardi, Bill Mantlo, Roy Thomas, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Joss Whedon. From this we could identify for WandaVision, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, who created Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, Baron[...]
Roy Thomas and The Partisans Return To Hexagon In November
And for November, that means two books, the first and second volumes of The Partisans by Jean-Marc Lofficier, Roy Thomas and Mario Guevara. NOVEMBER 2020 RELEASE:  THE PARTISANS #2 7×10 squarebound trade paperback, 64 pages b&w ISBN-13: 978-1-64932-016-2 US$12.95. Story by Jean-Marc Lofficier; Art & cover by Mario Guevara. 1942 North Africa Under the direction of Erwin Rommel, the[...]
Sub-Mariner #1 Up For Auction On ComicConnect Today
He was everywhere, including this awesome book by Roy Thomas and John Buscema Up for auction and taking bids until the end of the day, this CGC copy of Sub-Mariner #1 is part of ComicConnect's Event Auction #43, which ends today This book currently sits at $257, not too bad for a good displayable graded[...]
A Graded And Cast Signed Copy Of Marvel Star Wars #1 Up For Auction
First, Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin, the creative team on the book, signed it Which is cool already, but then this one is also signed by some of the cast of the Star Wars films Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, Darth Vader himself David Prowse, and both men to play the Emperor, Clive Revill, and[...]
The Daily LITG, 22nd November 2019 – Happy Birthday Roy Thomas
28 Deptford High Street, London. A Puff of Smoke Talk and Workshop with author and artist Sarah Lippett, The Centre for Better Health, 1A Darnley Road, London. Happy Birthday to… Roy Thomas, Marvel legend, writer on X-Men, Avengers, All-Star Squadron, and the instigator of Conan comic books. Creator of Trekker, comic book artist Ron Randall Jon Sommariva, artist on TMNT, Batman/TMNT, Go Boy and Gemini. Comic book creator Dan Brereton James E[...]
Savage Sword of Conan #11 [Preview]
Savage Sword of Conan #11 is in stores from Marvel Comics this week, by the legendary Roy Thomas and equally legendary Alan Davis, along with potentially one-day legendary Cam Smith, Chris Sotomayor, and Travis Lanham We've got a preview below which finally answers the question: I am Groot?! In this story, Conan has gound himself a[...]
When Alan Davis Draws You as a Scoundrel Rat For Savage Sword Of Conan #10
As first revealed by Bleeding Cool, Roy Thomas returned to Marvel Comics to tell a two-part Conan comic book story with Alan Davis and Cam Smith, starting in Savage Sword Of Conan #10, published yesterday. It also features the first appearance of Simino, a new character based upon Roy Thomas' manager and friend of Bleeding Cool,[...]
Roy Thomas Returns in Savage Sword of Conan #10 [Preview]
Savage Sword of Conan #10 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, and it features the return of a legend to the comic he made famous: Roy Thomas Thomas is joined by the great Alan Davis, Cam Smith, Chris Sotomayor, and Travis Lanham for this comic, and we've got a preview below. The preview page[...]
Roy Thomas Appears in New "Halloween In A Box" Movie
Roy Thomas and his manager John Cimino will be appearing in the documentary Halloween in a Box, premiering on October 1st, on various VOD platforms including Amazon Narrated by Nick Banks, tells the story of the history and evolution of Halloween costumes and the corporate drive that brought dressing up on All Hallows Eve to the[...]
Auto Draft
Roy Thomas, legendary comic book writer and editor for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, flew to Portsmouth Comic Con last weekend Courtesy of his manager John Cimino, Bleeding Cool is happy to share his thoughts about the show. I would have written sooner about the con that Dann and I (and my manager John Cimino) attended[...]
Jared Leto Talks to Morbius's Co-Creator Roy Thomas About the Movie
Jared Leto is playing Morbius The Living Vampire in the Spider-Man spinoff movie from Sony currently filming in London, Somewhere, I haven't managed to invade the set quite yet. But Leto has spoken to the character's co-creator Roy Thomas and has told him that comic fans should be ecstatic about the upcoming Morbius movie. Roy Thomas' manager[...]
Jared Leto Shaves for 'Morbius' While He Can Still See His Reflection (VIDEO)
Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, and Lucas Foster will produce, with Sony's Palak Patel overseeing production on behalf of the studio. Created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kane in 1971 and first appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #101, Morbius the Living Vampire was born scientist Dr Michael Morbius Suffering from a rare blood disease and desperate for[...]
Roy Thomas Says Stan Lee Was 'Ready To Leave This Earth'
This morning, Bleeding Cool posted a picture of Stan Lee with Roy Thomas, the Marvel EIC who succeeded him We didn't know this may have been the final photo taken of Stan, before he died today. Roy Thomas tells us, I'm sadder than I can say that Stan has died… even though I know, from my recent[...]