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Saying Goodbye To DC Comics Staffers In February 2021

Bleeding Cool has reported repeatedly on what departing members of DC Comics have dubbed a bloodbath – the forced redundancies of a number of senior staffers, both three months ago and a new set this past week. Bleeding Cool has compiled the most comprehensive list of the departing staffers. The ones from three months ago had their final week this week, unless they chose to leave previously, while the new list will have their final days on February 20th 2o21. The decision to make senior staffers redundant has placed a number of people who have been off the job market for twenty-years or more, available for other publishers to pick up decades of experience and contacts, dirt cheap. You can see by some of the outpouring below, how much instant goodwill from creators and the industry that a West Coast publisher like Boom, IDW, Dark Horse, Image, Oni could gain by attracting them, or anyone who moves back to the East Coast could find such a home at Marvel, Dynamite, AWA, Archie or the wider New York publishing market. Earlier, we looked at some of the reaction to and from DC staffers who left this past week, including Andy Khouri, Mark Doyle, Bobbie Chase, Sandy Resnick, Jonah Weiland and Dan Evans IIIBut there was also reaction to and from the recently-made-though-not-announced redundancies for Eddie Choi, Fletcher Chu Fong, Stuart Schreck and Michele Wells.

Saying Goodbye To DC Comics Staffers In February 2021
Saying Goodbye To DC Comics Staffers In February 2021

Kael Ngu My variant cover for @DCComics FUTURE STATE: JUSTICE LEAGUE #2. Special shout out to @Eddy_Choi for giving me a chance to shine in this industry, I really appreciate it and my eternal gratitude to you, good sir. All the best and hope to see you someday in a convention!

Chris Burnham: Very bummed that some of my favorite people in comics are leaving DC, but I'm excited to see where they end up. Onward and upward @Eddy_Choi @FletchCF @andykhouri

Saying Goodbye To DC Comics Staffers In February 2021
Saying Goodbye To DC Comics Staffers In February 2021

Travis Charest: Speaking of @Eddy_Choi here's the last cover he helped shepherd into the world with me: (the last one I can share for now anyway) Batman / Catwoman #3 out February 16:

Eddie Choi: Honored to help bring your art to fans everywhere and I look forward to all of the rest!

Scott Williams: I've been saying my DC goodbyes, and wanted to send a special shout out to my guy @Eddy_Choi, who's last day is tomorrow. Besides being a friend, he's also helped keep the train running on time with all the stuff I do with @JimLee The fact that @Eddy_Choi, Manager of Content Development is so good at his job is a given. But comic-book making is about relationships as much as it is about creativity. The relationships will last, but work won't be the same.

Alex Garner: @Eddy_Choi is the best. Really going to miss working with him.

Jason Inman: @Eddy_Choi was one of the nicest guys in the DC building. Sad news.

Brad Meltzer: Eddy is the best.

Jon Sommariva: Eddy is awesome! Hope we will catch up for some donuts or bbq again soon!

Eddy Choi: BBQ donuts sounds like a plan, Jon!

Joyce Chin: Eddie is fantastic and I hope someone hires him quick! Epic job dedication and a truly nice guy.

Eddie Choi: I hope someone hires me quick too! All the best to your family, Joyce!

Scott Snyder: Gutted to hear about folks losing their jobs at DC. Sending love and good thoughts to all, but @FletchCF in particular has been a friend and pillar at DC to so many creators… love you man.

Chris Ryall: It never felt like Comic-Con til I saw @FletchCF tirelessly working to set up the DC booth. Really sorry to see Fletch and the other talented people lose their jobs. All of 'em would be great additions to other comic publishers.

Christos Gage: Aw man that is wack. I know Fletch will be in high demand but still. He IS DC for a lot of people, me included.

Fletcher Chu-Fong: I'm overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of love and support by everyone. I am happy to have been a small part of your life but you each have been a huge part of mine. Truly, thank you all. While I will be with DC through Feb 20, please keep in your thoughts the good people who have been directly impacted by these layoffs. Much love to all!

Sean McKeever: Hearing about you and @Stuwreck was Broken heart not gonna lie.

Cully Hamner: Love you, brother. You'll be missed something fierce, I hope you know that, but I can't wait to see where you land.

James Tynion IV: Sending lots of love and support, bud!

Howard Porter: FLETCH! no convention would have or will be the same with you, your smile, laugh and all the support you gave. Thank you and the best of luck on your next adventures!

Fabian Nicieza: You were, are, and always will be a great guy to work with and, more importantly, a great guy!

Judd Winick: Sir, you have always been one of the worlds greatest humans. Really. I wish you all the love and luck I can possibly muster.

Shea Fontana: Fletch, your kindness and welcoming face at all the cons has meant so much to me. Best of luck in your new adventures ahead.

Dale Eaglesham: This just ain't right, Fletcher. I know how it feels. Stay strong!

Tom King: You're truly the best sir.

Mitch Gerads: Love ya, Fletch!

Rebecca Taylor: You're the best, Fletch. Sending all the love your way.

Marv Wolfman: I am so sorry to hear what happened and I hope for the very best for you.

Tim Seeley: Seeing you was always a breath of fresh air, man. Can't wait to see what you take over and run next.

Sterling Gates: Seeing you was often my favorite part of comic conventions, Fletch!!! They made a huge mistake letting you go. You are so, so awesome, and I'm excited to see where you end up next.

Peter J. Tomasi: My best wishes to all who have lost their gigs at DC Comics especially the Grandmaster of Cons and making creators feel special @FletchCF!

Jock: All my best to friends at DC. Sad to hear of more layoffs…. Special shout out to @FletchCF who has made me feel at home at US conventions since 2003 (!)…. No doubt there's amazing opportunities ahead for you my friend xoxo

Nat Gertler: If I were a larger publisher looking to expand in the Kids and YA space, I'd be seeing the freeing up of @michelewells as a huge opportunity. May the right folks find her!

David Macho: More people was laid off by DC Comics yesterday. Human beings… Good people, hard workers- People who moved their lives, their families, everything, from coast to coast. one of the laid off the day before his 26th anniversary at the company. I am sad beyond belief. LOVE TO ALL.

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