Scott Snyder Tells Us What He Wants To See In The Batman Movie Sequel

In Scott Snyder, most recent Substack newsletter, as well as noting scenes in the recent The Batman movie that may have come from his work on the Batman comic book, he also shared his thoughts on what he would like to see in a sequel to The Batman.

I love the idea that the second movie might be something that's like a blend of No Man's Land, Zero Year and the Arkham City game (I love those games). So, having Gotham be wildly different and new and something that's yours as a new viewer and as a new generation of Batman fans where it's overgrown and strange and different areas and zones are cordoned off and different villains have them, I love that. I hope they use a villain that they haven't used yet. I hope they use Clayface, for example.

I think Clayface could be redone in a really exciting way, especially in these times with all kinds of science-based stuff and also the idea of identity, all of it. I think he could be great. Of course, I'm partial to them using the Court of Owls. I've been amazed by the clips of the cast and crew talking about the Court of Owls so much.

And I do think they would be the perfect villains for a destroyed Gotham, because that's when they would swoop in. They were probably behind some of the Riddler stuff, right? If I was writing it, they'd come in and say "now Gotham is ours to reshape…" That would be amazing. And then in the third movie you bring in the Joker. What I would do is in movie #2, Batman needs the help of, or goes to Arkham to consult, villains about the Court of Owls or about Clayface and whatever. You get to know those villains, and then in #3 all bets are off and Joker comes in. That's what I would do if I was structuring it. The only thing I'd say is I hope they continue to be more and more ambitious. I really would love to see a suit that isn't black and armored. I love the suit now, I think it's really cool and I love the arm arrows. It gave me vibes of a lot of things, like I do feel there was a spiritual connection to a lot of things that I love in Batman and some of the stuff we did, especially in Zero Year—that feel of him being DIY, young, the Batcave being this remade train station (I hope they show more of the Batcave next movie). But also, I want to see him be more nimble. I want to see him be fast and more under-armor than armor. Don't be afraid of having, like, the sleeveless or the purple gloves. And not because we did it—think Paul Pope's Year 100, that kind of a design.

Scott Snyder Tells Us What He Wants To See In The Batman Movie Sequel
Scott Snyder Tells Us What He Wants To See In The Batman Movie Sequel

Have a Batcycle that, like, literally hangs upside down in a configuration and then unfolds and, wham, high-tech Batcycle right there for you. Have a cape he can take off and throw instead of a collared cloak thing, you know what I mean? Have batarang things that pop out of his head, have him be able to detach the ears and throw them off the costume. I want him to be mobile and tactile and fun and fast and scrappy and wild, a young Batman that's doing things you haven't seen before that's high tech but nimble, like fast and agile, all of that. Not encumbered with that whole dark, black stuff.

Just another fan's opinion of course, but Scott Snyder is also a fan who has written one of the more successful Batman runs in recent history, and is moving into film production himself now…

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