SDCC '15: The Final Sergio And Mark Panel Announces Groo/Tarzan

IMG_20150709_155413701_HDRI am at San Diego Comic Con at one of my favourite regular panels, The Sergio And Mark Show. And it is to be its last. Cue shock and horror from those who have been here for many, many years. In fact, I don't think some of us actually leave the room from year to ear. It doesn't seem like it.

But not to worry, because Stan Sakai has been a part of this panel for so long, it is to be renamed the Mark, Sergio And Stan Show. And bevause it's alphabetical, Mark Evanier gets top billing.

In 2013's panel they teased the possibility of an upcoming Groo/Tarzan comic. Today they announced it officially, with Tarzan's Tom Yates.

We can also look forward to an oversized hardcover of Space Cases and a combined volume for the Action Speaks and Louder Than Words stories.

And it was a panel for carnivores with Sergio talking about being served split head sheep (Stan ate the tongue) and Mark talking about his five-year regular Groo argument with Sergio, about whether or not a giant Groo should eat a live cow in Friends And Foes. Sergio thought it was fine, after all, he ate live worms, whic he then demonstrated for the crowd. Which firmly voted in Sergio's favour…

Stan Sakai also announced that the play of Usagi Yojimbo which premiered in London last year is coming to the USA, first in Portland, Oregon in November.

We also learned why the Groo movie never happened, Sergio wanted some level of creative say so, to ensure that the character resembled the original and fitted in with own style. No go…

And we dicovered that the reason that he doesn't ue electronic pens is that none of them are fast enough for his sketching..

And we have another twelve issues of Sergio's Funnies, with autobiographical stories of his life, from Dark Horse, including the time he auditioned to be a cartoonist TV weatherman, and got the job before they realised he wasn't actully a weatherman, just a cartoonist…

Mark Evanier also auditioned to be an LA witty weatherman, to banter with the anchorman, in order to write a funny article. He thought he'd be terrible but they offered him a four week trial – so he had to decline, so they hired Fritz Coleman instead…

Stan Sakai has never been a weatherman.

See you here next year for The Mark And Sergio And Stan Show?

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