Secrets Of The Battleworld – What Else From The Ultimate Universe Survives The Secret Wars? (SPOILERS)

Secret Wars #7 is published today. As are the final issue of Thors, Infinity Gauntlet and Squadron Sinister. So what secrets can we ascertain within?


Spoilers, obviously.

We've already told you what appears to be the fate of Mister Fantastic.

Well, Secret Wars is all about rousing the troops to battle. Which or some reason means that the Jane Foster Thor from the 616 Universe has to give two different motivational speeches to the same Thor Corps… firstly in Secret Wars…


And then again in Thors #4.

IMG_0043 IMG_0044

We'll get back to the hammers in a minute. The Thors show up big time at the end of Squadron Sinsiter too

IMG_0049In happier pre-final issue of Thor, pre-Secret Wars #7 days. Halcyon they are. But it's not all doom and gloom. The final Infinity Gauntlet brings in the joy of superheroicness.


IMG_0048 That's right the Infinity Gauntlet powered up Nova family (including the dog) recreate Voltron for the Battleworld to fight Thanos. Watch how this apocalypse survival comic suddenly becomes the feel-good comic of the whole crossover.

But back to Thors and the hammers. And, from the final scene of the book, the hammer thrown by the Ultimate Thor in his last moments of the battle against Doom, flinging his hammer… somewhere…


…somewhere with stars. And an Asgard. And, for some reason, no gods.

And now home to the Ultimate Thor hammer. Could this be picked up by Thor Odinson? Is he even around in the All-New All-Different Marvel Universe? And what happened in the eight iteration to wipe out all the gods from the new Marvel universe?

More secrets to discover…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Where, tomorrow at 5.30pm, Noelle Stevenson will be signing Lumberjanes and at 7.30pm hosting an Orbital Director's Commentary. The signing is open to everyone, but the Director's Commentary is ticketed to avoid over-crowding. 


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