Secrets Of The Battleworld – Where Did Starlord Go?

sw1We wondered if a number of delayed Secret Wars spinoff titles were down to that moment in te delayed main Secret Wars title in which a bunch of 616 and Ultimate survivors were scattered to the corners of the Battleworld by Dr Strange. Well, that doesn't seem to have been the case with most, but it is with Star-Lord & KItty Pryde. And a Disney showtune singing Peter Quill – which is handy for the lawyers.

So we have a 616 Star-Lord but Kitty Pryde? Not so much.

sw3And while it seemed that neither the Old Man Logan or the Apocalypse domains seemed to be aware or any other domains, in contradiction to other domains, in the new Old Man Logan, that gets a little roughed up. But "Baron Doom"? Is that heresy, albeit one  swiftly corrected?

But what happens next? The pre-Secret Wars Loki has some clues about the post-Secret Wars…

sw7 A new chapter… and a new Loki?


Looks like someone's had an Eight Months Later as well.

Punisher is as Punisher does and has more in common with his enemies.



But back on the Battleworld, there are gags that still have to be made for convention season.
 sw4Will that be on a T-shirt for NYCC? I hope the Moribund Organism Designed Only For Cannibalism gets royalties… ..




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