Secrets Of The Secret Wars – Who's Gay, Who's Bi, And Who Blows Holes Through People?

Merging two columns into one this week – a look at the secrets of the Secret Wars, Marvel's current massive event, and how Secret Wars-y each crossover issue actually is, marked out of ten by Doomheads.

You can see previous chapters of our our coverage right here.

First, Runaways #1, a Breakfast Club for the Secret Wars, as the Doom school that recruits promising students from across the Battleworld for a trial by fire. The school is stated to have been established for over sixty years, though how that ties in with the eight year timeline established in the main series is yet unknown. But it has a detention class by fire as well, where we meet a Cloak and Dagger with heir powers and identities switched from the 616…

Scan 72

And a version of Pixie who also seems to have Angel's power set in addition to her own.

Scan 71

And while Pixie is seemingly straight in the Marvel 616 as is Jubilee (despite that Bling kiss last year), this is the Battleworld where anything can happen.

Scan 70 So we seemingly have a gay Jubilee and a bi Pixie… a couple more to add to the list? As or hoe Secret Wars-y the book is, it's pretty much up there.


And while many of the realities of the Battleworld seem to be aware that other realities exist, the folk of Old Man Logan and the mutant heavy world next door seem to be blissfully aware of such matters.

Scan 69

It does bump up the Secret Wars-yness though.


And while anything can happen on the Battleworld, the same thing seems to keep happening. Armor Wars #2 sees their Iron Spider-Man killed with a circular hole blown in his chest…


With small amounts of Secret Warsyness for the Thors content.


While over in Squadron Sinister, an Iron Thor suffers the same fate…

Scan 64

Is there a serial killer of Iron Men across the Battleworld? But Squadron Sinister gets extra Doomheads for crossing the borders, taking the wars to the neighbouring worlds, dealing with Doom and bringing in both the Shadowline characters…

Scan 66

…and the New Universe characters…

Scan 65

Bring on the Doomheads!


If there's the appearance of an Iron Man serial killer between two crossover books, it's funny because there's a different kind of serial killer in Thors #1 also killing the same person….

Scan 63

Though her chest seems to have been kept intact each time. But a cross-world murder investigation definitely brings on the Doomheads.


And while the Last Days titles don't provide much Secret Wars-yness at all, they do prepare well for doom…

Scan 60

or indeed Doom. So for Ms Marvel


Great issue too. The details of different neighbourhoods are a delight, and especially that last page…

While Magneto is an effort in pointlessness, trying to prevent an event we know simply can't be prevented, the end of the word, and sacrificing all to prevent the worst.

Scan 59

Even your own daughter…


Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, currently preparing for their Death Sentence signing today with Martin Simmonds at 6.30pm – will you be there?


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