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Another Loeb series that's no longer streaming is Hulu's Marvel's Runaways, a series that was ended after three seasons though its popularity continued to grow Earlier this month, series star Gregg Sulkin (aka Chase Stein) checked in with Michael Rosenbaum's Inside of You podcast to discuss his career, including what it was like working on[...]
Cover image for RUNAWAYS #38
Runaways #38 is in stores from Marvel Comics, also the 100th issue of Runaways, promising the biggest and craziest issue ever And even in the preview below, we get a shocking revelation, as Karolina tells the group it was she who called the Majesdanian Light Brigade to Earth What else does this issue have in[...]
Cover image for RUNAWAYS #37
Runaways #37 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, and it looks like it could be the penultimate issue of the series, with August's Runaways #38, the 100th issue of Runaways ever published, promising big changes, as well as a five-dollar price tag And there was no new issue listed in Marvel's September solicitations[...]
Is Runaways Canceled? Fan-Favorite Missing from Marvel Solicits
And that title is Runaways. In August, Runaways celebrates its 100th legacy issue with a solicit that tells us: RUNAWAYS #38 JUN210724 (W) Rainbow Rowell (A) Genolet, Andres, More (CA) Kris Anka RUNAWAYS reaches the landmark LEGACY #100! • The cult classic's cult has grown and Rainbow Rowell and Andrés Genolet usher the Runaways into the Century Club! • Ever since #1[...]
Runaways #38 cover byKris Anka for the 100th issue of Runaways, hitting comic book shops from Marvel Comics on August 11th, 2021.
Marvel's Runaways will celebrate 100 issues in August Kind of Not 100 issues of the current series, mind you But if you add up all the past Runaways comics along with the current series, then Runaways #38 will also be Runaways #100 in legacy numbering Probably We're not bothering to check Marvel's math on this[...]
Cover image for RUNAWAYS #36
Runaways #36 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, and it's a few issues away from a legacy number 100 anniversary, so the mind-blowing shockers are unlikely to end anytime soon Check out a preview of the issue below. RUNAWAYS #36 MARVEL COMICS MAR210647 (W) Rainbow Rowell (A) Genolet, Andres (CA) Kris Anka "Come Away With Me" Part 5! •  THERE[...]
The Demasculation Of Wolverine In X-Men Comics Today
While over in Runaways #34, Wolverine and the rest of the Krakoan outreach team are popping by in a much-delayed issue to "rescue" Molly and take her to Krakoa.   And this is no Wild Child fever dream, this is Molly reversing the fortune for Logan Which can't sit well on any macho mutant male ego. Admittedly, Wolverine[...]
Marvel Comics February 2021 Solicitations
Last month, after a pandemic hiatus, Marvel Comics surprised everyone by putting out the previously-printed-but-never-distributed Runaways #32 by Rainbow Rowell and Natacha Bustos with a story that was meant to appear in #33 Instead, Runaways #33 will now have series artist Andres Genolet's story with Wolverine and Pixie, originally solicited to take place in issue[...]
Surprise! Runaways #32 Returns Next Week In Comic Book Stores
I checked this out last week and Runaways #32, solicited before lockdown, is still on the Marvel Comics schedules, for February 2021 Well, Marvel has decided to bring things forward a lot sharpish The long-awaited Runaways #32 is bring brought right back onto the schedules for next Wednesday, the 28th of October No time for[...]
Rainbow Rowell and Nachos Bustos' Runaways #32 Returns in February
Such seemed to have happened to Rainbow Rowell, Natacha Bustos and Dee Cunniffe's Runaways #32 Never one of Marvel's biggest sellers in singles, rainbow Rowell's success as a graphic novelist has ensured the series sold well in bookstore collections But with issue #32 being a newly planned story arc, even though Marvel had printed the[...]
Marvel Comics - Still Missing In Action
Quite a few actually, not just the ones we missed out on this morning. Ghost Rider #7 by Ed Brisson and Aaron Kuder has a publication date for July 7th but nothing for August or September, Will this be the final issue? Runaways #31 was published in March before the shutdown There has been no subsequent issue published,[...]
Darkhold Alpha
In June, Runaways will make a power move sure to boost sales and ensure many story arcs to come That's right, they're having a Wolverine guest appearance in the book Marvel's solicit for Runaways #34 reveals that the X-Men's mission to recruit all mutants to come live on Krakoa will extend to Molly, with Wolveirne[...]
Runaways #30 [Preview]
Runaways #30 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Rainbow Rowell and Andres Genolet, and the Runaways' stint as Doc Justice's J-Team is hurtling ever faster toward tragedy.   For now, the Runaways are having fun being super-heroes, but they don't know that Doc Justice is using them for publicity.   For now, things seem great. Even Nico[...]
Rainbow Rowell Gets Her Wish as Natacha Bustos Joins Runaways #32 for New Story Arc
Remember last year, when we reported on this? Then I crossed my fingers and clicked my heels together, and WISHED REALLY HARD for a sixth arc. — Rainbow Rowell (@rainbowrowell) September 9, 2019 There's a really good chance that your library is stocking the Runaways collections And if not, they'd probably order them for you Libraries appreciate requests![...]
Runaways #29 [Preview]
Things have been going great for the Runaways lately Without a place to live, the team was taken in by rich superhero Doc Justice, allowed to live in his mansion Even better, the Doc has been training them to be professional superheroes, even allowing them to wear the costumes of his old kid superteam, the[...]
Runaways #28 [Preview]
Runaways #28 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Rainbow Rowell and Andres Genolet We should find out soon, when the March solicitations come out, whether or not Runaways has a future after this story arc We certainly hope so though, as things have changed drastically for our heroes in the last few[...]
The only series still running is The Runaways on Hulu, which enters its third and final season; and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ending its run on ABC. Marvel Comics/DC Comics   So Many Wasted Quality Shows It's a shame quality programming has such short life due to mostly budget and ownership regardless of popularity[...]
Who Will Die in Runaways #30? And Will the Series Survive?
Runaways #30 is hitting stores from Marvel Comics in February, and it's the final issue of the Canon Fodder arc (get it? it's a pun) And as the solicitation teases, fans can expect a "painful twist" coming from the issue in true Runaways tradition. Does that mean for sure that someone is going to die? Not[...]
Runaways #27 [Preview]
Runaways #27 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Rainbow Rowell, Kris Anka, Walden Wong, Dee Cunniffe, Jim Campbell, and Joe Caramagna We've got a preview below, finally answering the question: what if the Runaways were created in the 80s or 90s? For that to be accomplished, the team will need to get new[...]
Runaways #26 [Preview]
Runaways #26 is in stores from Marvel Comics this week, by Rainbow Rowell, Andres Genolet, Dee Cunniffe, and Joe Caramagna We've got a preview below. In the preview, the Runaways turn to Doc Justice after being forced from their home, though not everyone is necessarily on board.   And Justice is welcoming of everyone, even ordering his butler[...]
Runaways #25
Runaways #25 hits stores from Marvel Comics next week, promising a new era for Runaways, and giving us a formal introduction to Doc Justice, who appeared at the end of last issue Rainbow Rowell, Andres Genolet, Federico Blee, Matthew Wilson, and Joe Caramagna bring us this story, and we've got a preview below. Last issue, Nico[...]
Marvel's Runaways Become Doc Justice and the J-Team
Well, it looks like the part of the Marvel Universe that will never be the same again is the Runaways part, as the popular characters will join Doc Justice and become his J-Team in the upcoming arc of Runaways starting with Runaways #25. A press release on reveals the details: Face front, True Believers, and prepare[...]
Do Doombots Dream of Electric Sheep? Runaways #23 [Preview]
In the pages of Runaways, Doombot has been having a rough time lately Decimated by Gib, in order to get him working again, Chase had to remove the miniature black hole that was the only thing preventing him from turning evil The results were as expected, forcing Victor to enter Doombot's robotic mind to try[...]
Learning to Human in Runaways #22 (Preview)
The Runaways have gone through a lot of trouble in the last 21 issues, so it's nice to see that in this preview of Runaways #21, the team is finding some time for personal growth We see Karolina exploring her identity as a superhero in the preview, but we also get a nice quiet moment[...]
Love in the Tampon Aisle in Runaways #21
Things haven't been going to well for Chase in the pages of Runaways After rescuing his formerly-dead girlfriend from the past, Gert found it difficult to connect with the now-adult Chase, partially because it's kind of creepy that he's still trying to date a high school girl Making matters worse for him, Gert has found[...]
Marvel's Runaways Renewed for a Third Season on Hulu
The official twitter account for Runaways posted today that the show has been renewed for a third season Heard our Old Lace loud and clear See you all for Season 3! 😜 🦖 — Marvel's Runaways (@marvelsrunaways) March 24, 2019 Last month we heard that the odds were pretty good that we were getting a third[...]