Serial, Focusing on Rachel Rising's Zoe, is Terry Moore's New Comic

Terry Moore has dark plans for 2021. As he prepares to release his new graphic novel Ever for Fall 2020, which will be his first straight-to-trade-paperback release, he will kick off his brand new single-issue series in 2021. The new comic, Serial, will focus on a fan-favorite character of Moore's. A character he refers to as "the one that competes for the top-most loved characters," with likely the other competitor being Strangers in Paradise's iconic Katchoo. The character in question is Zoe, the breakout character from Moore's horror hit Rachel Rising, and she will star in this new 10-issue series.

The cover to Serial #1, Terry Moore's comic focusing on Rachel Rising's Zoe. Credit: Abstract Studio
The cover to Serial #1, Terry Moore's comic focusing on Rachel Rising's Zoe. Credit: Abstract Studio

Rachel Rising ran for 42 issues from Terry and Robyn Moore's publisher, Abstract Studio. At the time of its release, it saw immense acclaim from peers and media alike. It followed a "dead girl" (and, in fact, Dead Girl was what Terry Moore has spoken about referring to the series before deciding on the final title) named Rachel, her best friend Jet, and Zoe, a little girl possessed by a demon. Zoe rejoiced in brutal violence but also had moments of genuine emotion as she fought against the influence of the evil within.

Since the series ended, characters from Rachel Rising have continued in Terry Moore's crossover event series, Strangers in Paradise XXV and Five Years. These series brought his entire library of titles together for an epic, world-changing story that found what worked about the various books and brought them all together into one. Moore is known for this kind of dedication to character, where he will go back to minor characters from other titles and make them prominent in his later work. Jet is a great example, as she first appeared in Strangers in Paradise before becoming a main character in Rachel Rising. 

Now, it's Zoe's turn. Serial will release from Abstract Studio in January 2021.

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