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Dave Sim Does Terry More in Strangers In Cerebus
The one for June 2021 recalls the days when he was a big promoter of self-publishing, promoting many other titles including Terry Moore and his Strangers In Paradise series, giving us Cerebus In Paradise, parodying the cover of the first collection. He is also reviving his old Swords Of mini-collection format for these comic books that he originally[...]
Serial, a Rachel Rising Spinoff, is Terry Moore's Next Series
A character he refers to as "the one that competes for the top-most loved characters," with likely the other competitor being Strangers in Paradise's iconic Katchoo The character in question is Zoe, the breakout character from Moore's horror hit Rachel Rising, and she will star in this new 10-issue series. The cover to Serial #1, Terry Moore's[...]
Will Terry Moore Return to Strangers in Paradise Again?
Terry Moore is a living legend in the comics industry as the creator of the long-running indie romance, crime drama, and slice-of-life epic, Strangers in Paradise Moore is an accomplished artist, celebrated writer, Eisner-winning letterer, and, now… a YouTuber The veteran creator has fostered his relationship with his fanbase by creating how-to videos that focus on drawing[...]
How Strangers in Paradise and Terry Moore Stand the Test of Time
The comics writer/artist launched Strangers in Paradise, considered by most to be his magnum opus, in 1993 and has continued on to produce some of the best creator-owned comics on the market in the decades following From the launch of his career as an indie comics creator, the mainstream styles of the industry shifted from[...]
Terry Moore Announces A New Graphic Novel Series Ever For Fall 2020
Joined by Abstract Studios publisher Robyn Moore, the Strangers in Paradise creator spoke about the new graphic novel as a part of his How to Draw video series On the heels of both Strangers in Paradise XXV and Five Years, which crossed over his original magnum opus with characters from his cult hit horror comic Rachel Rising, Terry Moore is cooking[...]
Whatever Happened to the Long-running Indie Comic Book Series?
Vaughan himself with Saga and Paper Girls. Strangers in Paradise hardcover omnibus set Credit: Abstract Studio. Strangers in Paradise And then, there's this kind of comic Writer/artist Terry Moore began Strangers in Paradise, the black and white love story of Katchoo and Francine, in 1993 over at Antarctic Press He moved the series to his own company Abstract Studio, then over to[...]
Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise and Rachel Rising Crossover
His iconic series, Strangers in Paradise, ran over 100 issues and established Moore as an indie powerhouse through his own label, Abstract Studio Abstract has gone on to publish Echo, Motor Girl, and the hit horror comic Rachel Rising In a comics community defined by superhero events and crossovers, then why is no one talking about the[...]
Hot Comics – The One Hundred Dollar Club – August 2015
Data taken from successful sales on eBay. As always there are winners and losers… Saga #1 – $148 Edge Of Spider-Verse #2 – $142 X-Factor #6 – $141 Dreamwalker #0 – $140 Comico Primer #2 – $140 Cavewoman #1 – $130 Batman #1 – $130 (New 52) Spread Cover Album – $130 Walking Dead #34 Second Print – $128 Strangers In Paradise #1 – $127 (Antarctic[...]
Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – Secret Wars, Harrow County, Injection, Five Ghosts, Ms. Marvel, Saga & More!
Marvel #15 Dark Horse Comics: Harrow County #1 Marvel Comics: Secret Wars #2 Where Do We Go From Here #1 Also discussed: Jim Henson's Storyteller: Witches, the Exterminators, FBP, the Coffin, Deep Sleeper, Trees, Moon Knight, Northlanders, Bad Blood, BPRD, Avengers, Marvels, Fantastic Four, Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates, Love and Rockets, Strangers in Paradise, Sandman Mystery Theater See you again[...]
A New Strangers In Paradise Comic By Terry Moore – If They Were Six Years Old
We haven't had a new Strangers In Paradise comic since the series by Terry Moore ended in 2007 Well, the stars of the new Strangers In Paradise comic wouldn't een have been born then. SIP Kids by Terry Moore features the cast of that sex comedy/crime thriller/slice of life series by reinventing everyone as six year[...]