Someone Needs To Send Meredith Finch An Air Ticket To Britain


We could start with "pretty brill". Or check the "bobbies" and wrong London buses from previous issues. Or how you can't have a glottal stop before the indefinite article in "bit o' a history buff" – if you are going to write it in this fashion it would be "bi' ovva history buff" or "histree" if you were really getting into it.

But while Meredith Finch is showing a better grasp on the Brian Azzarello Wonder Woman run than I was expecting to be integrated into this current series, the portrayal of London has lowered several notches into the tourist-friendly image of above, crossed with over-the-top television series from the seventies.



"I ain't never seen her before in my life" brings to mind the likes of The Sweeney, Minder, The Professionals, where the bad guys drank in villains' pubs….
Wonder-Woman-045-(2015)-(Digital-Empire)-014 …beat their girlfriends and always…


… carried a "shooter". Even though, in Britain, actually getting hold of a gun, even for a petty criminal like Lincoln, would be "bang out of order".


Also, he's gone and got a bloody Union flag in his sodding window. What kind of liberty is that? Oh gawd, this comic 'as only gorn and got me doin' it an' all…Wonder-Woman-045-(2015)-(Digital-Empire)-016

Would you Adam an Eve it? Strike a light, ah've only gone native. Come on' over to Laahndon, Meredith, love, we'll have a pint an' a sing-song. Bring your bloke an 'all. All together, my ol' man, said follow the van, and don't dilly dally on the way….

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, Laaaaaaaaahndon. Who have a Brooklyn Brewery Defend Comics event this Friday, with Brooklyn Defender IPA, Khary Randolph and Andy Oliver. £5 tickets with beer and limited edition glass, £10 to make it bottomless for the night. Tickets here.



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