Sound of Bread: New Studio Tapas Romance Comedy Debuts

Sound of Bread is the newest Studio Tapas digital comic series that's part of their massive and ever-popular romance collection! Launched today, Sound of Bread is Kimmie's story – a synesthete who can hear tastes as music – an acclaimed young cellist determined to become a renowned conductor. Kale is an unkempt, rude apprentice at a no-name bakery in Paris who says and does whatever he wants. She can't stand him, but there's one thing that keeps her coming back: the bread he bakes has the most beautiful music she's ever heard. Can this unlikely friendship help Kimmie overcome her perfectionism and lead to… something more?

Sound of Bread: New Studio Tapas Romance Comedy Debuts
"Sound of Bread" key art, courtesy of Studio Tapas

Writer: miqin

Artist: scarlozet and Kisai Entertainment

Studio Tapas released a trailer today on Youtube.

You should never underestimate digital comics from Korea. They've been slowly and steadily overtaking the comics-reading world. They solved the problem of how to read comics by adopting a scroll-down format designed for smartphones. There are literally tens of millions of readers worldwide who have instant access to these comics through an app without having to go to a bookstore to buy the comic. They also have a massive female readership worldwide, and the fandom can gather via the app. It's all very unified. Sound of Bread is also a romantic comedy, a genre that's thriving in Korean and Japanese comics but less prominent in American comics. Series like Sound of Bread also falls in line with the popularity of romantic comedies on Korean television.

You can trace the roots of these Korean digital comics all the way back to Shoujo manga in Japan, i.e., comics for girls. There are tried-and-true art styles, visual conventions, story tropes that have existed for decades now that current writers and artists can draw on to tell their stories. That's a whole audience barely tapped by American publishers, which is surprising, and companies like Studio Tapas are already there.

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