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Space Pop Royalty: Jem And The Holograms Annual 2017


We open with the Holograms thinking they're running late for the Starlight's rehersal. However there's no one there, confusing the girls. Then out of the corner of Kimber's eye, she spots a fanzine of the Holograms called "The Exquisite Corpse", a series of tales about the Holograms that are connected in different ways. Naturally the girls open it, and find a brand new world of adventure featuring them.

Our first adventure opens with Kimber. She's in an illicit affair with Stormer, of the Misfits. In this alternate universe, Pizzazz is a ruthless ruler of the land, and Stormer's betrayal hurts her deep. Pizzazz banishes Stormer far away, and then takes out her own heart so she never feels pain again. Kimber, after having a dream about Stormer, snaps awake and realizes where Stormer is. As the Holograms devise their plan to save her, we step into another story. With only a few things for this new writer/artist to go off of (in this case, "fuzzy pink thing" and "planet of lost souls") we soon see that an exquisite corpse can be a fabulous disjointed mess.


This annual is actually pretty fantastic. The multitude of artists and writers that came together to make this happen is awesome. We open with Gisele Lagace, whom I am a big fan of, and then move through M.J Barros, M. Victoria Robado, Katarzyna Witerscheim, and Savanna Ganucheau. All of them bring their unique talents to this book, and each of them shine brightly.

The diversity of the Jem universe is fantastic. People of all shapes, sizes, colors, sexual orientations and more are presented not in a stereotypical way, nor in a way to shock readers. They're all complex characters with a myriad of real problems. This is a fantastic story for young readers, as it exposes them to all kinds of different people they too will encounter in real life. It shows tolerance and acceptance, something we need now more than ever in this world.

Good job Holograms, you are fantastic role models.

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