Spectacle, Shadow Roads, Invader Zim, and More in Oni Press Comic Book Previews for August 8th

Oni Press has sent us previews for five comics and trade paperbacks hitting stores next week, on August 8th, including Spectacle #7, Shadow Roads #2, Invader Zim #33, and Junior Braves of the Apocalypse Vol. 1 and 2. Check out the previews below:

Spectacle #7
(W/A/C/CA) Megan Rose Gedris
Age Rating: Young Adult
Genre: Supernatural/Mystery
Price: $1.99
Page Count: 22
Solving a murder is difficult enough without demon attacks. In this issue, Anna learns a new use for salt, and how to give an genuinely good apology.


Shadow Roads #2
(W) Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt
(A) A.C. Zamudio
(C) Carlos Zamudio
(CA) A.C. Zamudio with Carlos Zamudio
Age Rating: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Price: $3.99
Page Count: 32
Henry and Barry find themselves in the presence of the enigmatic Buzzard Clan, where they meet an unexpected chief who holds secrets to Henry's past. Meanwhile, Ghost Eyes and Isabella are tracking the soul-stealing Hunter, but instead they find the mysterious Black Star Rangers!


Invader ZIM #33
(W) Sam Logan
(A/C) Fred C. Stresing
(CA) Fred C. Stresing (Cover A), (Cover B) Tait Howard
Age Rating: All Ages
Genre: Sci-Fi/Humor
Price: $3.99
Page Count: 32
Dib and ZIM both compete in the Skool's Innovation Fair, but ZIM's ultimate project—which was going to both humiliate Dib AND finally help ZIM take control of Earth—has been swapped with GIR's ultimate project, which is… something called "Mr. Wiener Face." But somehow, the judges are impressed! Could it be that the way to control the humans is through their love of processed meats? ZIM will find out!
Read Invader ZIM #33


Junior Braves of the Apocalypse Vol. 1: A Brave is Brave, Softcover
(W) Michael Tanner and Greg Smith
(A/C) Zach Lehner
(CA) Zach Lehner with Fred C. Stresing
Age Rating: Young Adult
Genre: Action/Adventure
Price: $14.99
Page Count: 216
The Junior Braves of Tribe 65 return from a camping trip to find swarms of bloodthirsty mutants have overrun their town, bringing death and destruction everywhere they go! With their families missing and their homes destroyed, these plucky kids must use all their scouting talents, combined smarts, and teamwork to survive the end of the world! Junior Braves: A Brave is Brave is the beginning of the exciting young adult graphic novel series that is one part Goonies and one part The Walking Dead, full of zombies, adventure, and handy tips for wilderness survival—in a new softcover format!


Junior Braves of the Apocalypse Vol. 2: Out of the Woods, Hardcover & Softcover
(W) Michael Tanner and Greg Smith
(A/C/CA) Zach Lehner
Age Rating: Young Adult
Genre: Action/Adventure
Price: $19.99 (Hardcover), $14.99 (Softcover)
Page Count: 192
In a zombie wasteland of unknown origin, Troop 65 marshals onwards in the hopes of finding their families in Seattle, the nearest logical evacuation location. After a difficult journey by land and river, they make a stop in a suburban town that serves as ground zero of a battle between a corporate office that may have caused the apocalypse and the survivors staying in a nearby tribal casino.

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