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Oni Press Unveils Qualifying Returnability Program on All Original Single Issues Through 2023
Comic book publisher Oni Press has announced a new comic shop-specific returnability initiative for the direct market Until the end of 2023, Oni will be making every issue of its original, creator-owned series fully returnable for retailers who order a minimum of five, non-incentive shelf copies via either Diamond Comic Distributors or Lunar Distribution Which[...]
Oni Press Drops Live-Action Trailer for New Horror Comic, Lamentation
Last year was not the best for Oni Press/Lion Forge who had been hitting the headlines with former owners James Lucas Jones and Charlie Chu pushed out by parent company Polarity, others departing voluntarily, their newly reprinted Gender Queer: A Memoir graphic novel landing them obscenity criminal lawsuits in the state of Virginia. as well as Oni Press receiving allegations of non-payment to comic[...]
Two New Cullen Bunn HorrorComics For May, Lamentation & Ghostlore
Lamentation, by Cullen Bunn, Arjuna Susan and Hilary Jenkins, is a new horror comic for May, Oni Press's first major title for 2023, courtesy of new President & Publisher and former Boom, Hivemind, and Valiant exec Hunter Gorinson It was at Oni Press that Cullen Bunn saw his first notable successes with The Sixth Gun[...]
Oni March 2023 Solicits
Dina Norlund launches a new graphic novel, The Snowcat Prince in Oni Press' March 2023 solicits and solicitations, first seen on Bleeding Cool today, alongside Rick And Morty comic books by Jim Zub, Alex Firer, Fred C Stresing and Little. Oni March 2023 Solicits THE SNOWCAT PRINCE WRITER | DINA NORLUND ARTIST | DINA NORLUND COVER ARTIST | DINA NORLUND 0123ON275 FULL[...]
Oni Press Latest To Join Lunar Distribution?
The Happy Shop from self-published graphic novelist and webcomics creator Brittany Long Olsen has been picked up by Shawna Gore while she was still at Lion Forge/Oni Press and has now been passed to Grace Scheipeter to edit The Happy Shop is a middle-grade graphic novel that "follows 11-year-old Darcy in a new town, who wanders into a strange[...]
Welcome to Dandelion Port,
She has also posted many pages on her website. #gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-2 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-2 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ And now Grace Scheipeter has bought Welcome to Dandelion Port for Oni Press for publication in the spring of 2025[...]
LySandra Vuong's Hot Priest Webtoon, Covenant, Picked Up by Oni Press
LySandra Vuong's queer YA graphic novel series Covenant was picked up by former Oni Press Associate Publisher Michelle Nguyen, but it seems that she too, like many others at the publisher, recently quit Now Lion Forge/Oni Press editor Desiree Rodriguez who joined Lion Forge in 2016, will edit the series Covenant, has a three-book deal for an adaptation of[...]
Beth gets her own Rick And Morty comic book by Fred Van Lente and Sarah Stern in Oni Press's November 2022 solicits and solicitations as well as the continuing mini-series Crisis On C 137 by Stephanie Phillips and Ryan Lee As well as original graphic novels Wild by Cristian Casteli and the second Tiny Fox[...]
"Waiting For The Inevitable NFT" – Comics Industry Reacts To Oni Press
Oni Press, the comic book publisher of 25 years standing, that was merged with Lion Forge under the umbrella of the new Polarity company a few years ago, issued the following statement yesterday It has garnered quite the reaction from the comic book industry To the extent that I am expecting T-shirts of it for[...]
Whiteout At 24 Years - The Oni Press Book That Changes American Comics?
This July sees Oni Press publish a 25th-anniversary edition of Whiteout for the publisher's 25th anniversary – and the book's 24th from 1998 It was turned into a movie in 2009 Written by Greg Rucka and drawn by Steve Lieber, the comic is the story of US Marshall Carrie Stetko, stationed in Antarctica after murdering[...]
Cover image for BLINK #1 CVR A SHERMAN
Christopher Sebela & Hayden Sherman launch their new series Blink #1 from Oni Press in their July 2022 solicits and solicitations As well as the 25th Anniversary of Whiteout, and a new Rick And Morty series Crisis On C-137 #1 by Stephanie Phillips and Ryan Lee, as well as a Summer Annual Special… #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1[...]
Jobs For Michelle H. Nagler Ben Abernathy, Matt Hawkins & Kuo-yu Liang
Here's a JobWatch look at recent hirings and promotions at a number of comic book and graphic novel publishers. JobWatch: Promotions And New Hires At Marvel, DC, First Second & Oni JobWatch: Alexander Lu is a freelance comics editor on books like Infinite Dark and may be well known to you as former New Media Editor and Managing Editor of the Comics[...]
Cover image for SPACE TRASH HC VOL 01
Jenn Woodall launches her graphic novel Space Trash, out in July, in Oni Press' May 2022 solicits and solicitations It is also joined by Andrew Cangelose and Josh Shipley's This Is A Birthday Cake, and This Is A Taco graphic novels out in July and K O'Neill has a new book, Dewdrop. And followed by the[...]
Wyrd Games Reveals New Kimon Faction Commander For The Other Side
Let's take a look! The artwork for Takiyasha, the Kimon commander model from The Other Side, Wyrd Games' large-scale wargame. The Takiyasha is the self-proclaimed "Oni Queen" of the realm of the Beyond, a place apart from Earthside or past the Breach According to this article from Wyrd Games, released as part of their "Waldo's Weekly" series,[...]
Zander Cannon's Kaijumax Finally Ends in Oni Press Feb 2022 Solicits
Kaijumax is a comic series by Zander Cannon published by Oni Press running for the last six years that is now coming to an end with the sixth issue of its sixth series Centred around an island prison whose inmates are giant monsters and guards have powers similar to Ultraman, but there's a much wider[...]
Z2 Comics Hires Devin Funches To Sell Direct To Comic & Record Stores
And hiring Devin Funches from Oni/Lion Forge to ramp that side up. Z2 Comics Hires Devin Funches, Sells Direct To Comic & Record Stores Photo: Z2 Comics Z2 Comics has announced a new fulfillment facility in Denver, as well as the rollout of a direct sales program geared toward comic book specialty retailers and independent record stores,[...]
Oni Press's August 2021 solicits are as diverse in form and function as ever New original graphic novels Weeabo by Alissa Sallah, more Aggretsuko, a bundle of the Quick & Easy Guides including They/Them Pronouns, Consent, Queer & Trans Identities and Sex & Disability, as well as Invader Zim, Rick & Morty, Justin Roiland's new[...]
Job Changes at Oni-Lion Forge and Archie Comics
Yesterday, the Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group announces the hiring of Alex Segura as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, formerly Archie Comics Co-President and before that DC Comics Executive Director of Publicity Segura will oversee Oni-Lion Forge's publicity, marketing, and sales efforts across various channels in addition to bringing over fifteen years of editorial,[...]
Lonely Receiver #2 Review:
Stresing and Macy Kahn, and letter Crank! Vain, the new title from Oni Press, is a World War II-era title about bloodsucking bandits, and the first issue is here Is it worth a read? The Vain #1 cover Credit: Oni Press The Vain #1 is a mixed bag as far as the writing goes, featuring a protagonist that feels, so[...]
Oni Spotlight Invader Zim and Comics for Kids for Comic-Con@Home
Oni Press kicks off Comic-Con@Home tonight with the first of three planned panels The publisher that gifted the world with Scott Pilgrim will bring the San Diego Comic-Con fun to your home via your mobile devices, tablets, and the smudged screen of your laptop The company that is very obviously based in Portland will use SDCC's[...]
Image Comics make four staffers redundant.
Unless things get moving again in one form or other, it is going to be a bleak summer for many, unable to change their plans. The Oni Shuffle And while comics staffers in Portland are losing jobs, someone is gaining one Robert Meyers, formerly Editorial Director, of Valiant, is now Senior Editor, Licensing at Oni Press[...]
Oni Press to Sell ECCC Exclusives Online Following Coronavirus Cancellation
In a press release sent about a half-hour before ReedPOP announced the cancellation of Emerald City Comic Con due to coronavirus fears that prompted most of the show's exhibitors to pull out, Oni Press sent out a press release revealing that, due to the cancellation of the event, the publisher will sell its ECCC exclusives[...]
Oni Press Brings French Canadian Graphic Novel Titan to U.S. in September
Oni Press has announced plans to publish François Vigneault's sci-fi graphic novel Titan in the United States later this year, a press release revealed Tuesday Originally serialized in 2014, the graphic novel will be released in the U.S for the first time Here's the synopsis, from the press release: When MNGR First Class João da Silva[...]
Lion Forge Drops The Beat
It was announced that Heidi would remain Editor-in-Chief, while Lion Forge owner David Steward II would become publisher, and the site would fall under the newly formed sister company to Lion Forge, Syndicated Comics. Since then, publisher rearrangement saw the Comics Beat fall under the newly arranged company, Polarity, alongside Lion Forge, another publisher they acquired/merged with,[...]
Oni Press to Collect Chris Onstad's Achewood as Omnibus Editions
Oni Press has announced plans to release omnibus editions of Chris Onstad's bestselling comic (which started as a webcomic), Achewood, starting next June The comic was not only a New York Times bestseller, but also inspired phone testicles, according to a 2010 Bleeding Cool report A press release contains more details. Oni Press adds one of[...]
Kurtis Wiebe and Justin Osterling Launch New Fantasy Series Dryad at Oni in March
Oni Press has announced a new series launching next year from Rat Queens co-creator Kurtis Wiebe and newcomer artist Justin Osterling called Dryad The book, which Wiebe says he's been working on for five years, is a fantasy comic about a couple whose lives are changed by parenthood Check out the press release below for[...]
The Rick And Morty Comic Series to End With #60
But it has now been confirmed that the upcoming Rick And Morty #56 will begin a final storyline , The Rickoning, that will bring the ongoing series, published at Oni Press, to an end, after five years The series has been Oni Press' best-selling comic book by a considerable degree But licenses come to an[...]
From writer Jason Richman, Ruben Fleischer, and ABC Studios and based on Oni Press' graphic novel series from writer Greg Rucka and illustrators Matthew Southworth and Justin Greenwood, the series centers on strong, assertive, and unapologetically sharp-witted Army veteran Dex Parios (Smulders) who works as a private investigator in Portland, Oregon. CBS All Access Johnson's Grey McConnell[...]