One Spider-Man Comic Gets Sold Every Minute on eBay – Trending Reports for 2018

Online marketplace eBay has been releasing their analyses for the year and has been sharing their comic book findings with Bleeding Cool. And they see the superhero movies as driving interest in back issues of comic books across the board.

In the wake of Into The Spider-Verse, eBay shoppers purchased more than 67,580 Spider-Man items from August to September, and 77% of those were comic books. That's 51,866 Spider-Man comics over 30 days – or one every minute.

Off the back of Avengers: Infinity War, eBay exclusive comic dealer, Sparkle City Comics, sold a CGC 6.5 graded copy of Captain America Comics #1 for $175,200.

The Black Panther movie drove more than 200,000 searches on eBay this year, spiking 23% the week of October 16, 2017 – when the first movie trailer was released and eBay Black Panther sales more than doubling from October 2017 – January 2017 to October 2018 – January 2018.

During the release month of February 2018, eBay's exclusive Black Panther variant cover with illustrator Sanford Greene sold-out and graded copies of Black Panther's 1st appearance in Fantastic Four #52 have been listed for upwards of $13,000 on eBay.

In August 2017, three rare comic books featuring Wonder Woman, who experienced a resurgence after DC Comics' movie sold on eBay, All Star Comics #8 for $936,223; Sensation Comics #1 for $399,100 and Wonder Woman #1 for $226,877.77. The former was the only comic with a female lead to approach the $1 million sale mark, also putting it in the top 10 list of all-time record comic book sales. eBay currently has over 10 lower graded copies of All Star Comics #8, currently listed on eBay at over $50,000 each with the highest being $87,000 from Pristine Comics, who also sold the recording breaking book.

In 2014, a CGC 9.0 graded copy of Action Comics #1 sold for $3.2 million, making it the most expensive comic ever sold on eBay. This past June, Sparkle City Comics sold an ungraded copy of Action Comics #1 on eBay for $146,000 – a record price for a copy in that condition.

While Groot, Star-Lord, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Miles Morales are also increasing in value. Tales to Astonish #13, the first appearance of Groot sold this year for $4,700, while the very-limited edition Deadpool Variant Wolverine #1 signed by Herb Trimpe and Len Wein sold for $4,975. While the first appearance of Guardians of the Galaxy comic, Marvel Super-Heroes #18, sold for $3,350.

Anything you've noticed of late? eBay would love to know…

One Spider-Man Comic Gets Sold Every Minute on eBay – Trending Reports for 2018

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