Spitfire Joins The Troubleshooters In Ultimates2 As The New Universe Keeps Returning

Over the last few years, Marvel has been bringing the New Universe characters back to Marvel's Universe, slowly but surely. Starbrand and Nightmask in the Avengers, DP7 in Squadron Supreme, while in Ultimates and Ultimates2 from Al Ewing and a variety of artists, he has been adding Psi-Force, Justice, and other DP7 characters to the list.

So we have Philip Nelson Vogt, previously Philip Nolan Vogt, antagonist of New Universe's Psi-Force who becomes President of the USA, here with the Troubleshooters, after the New Universe's Spitfire And The Troubleshooters.


Colonel Terry Jessup, previously Tyrone Jessup of Psi-Force…


Kathy Ling, a Psi-Force character.


Add to that Lt. Col. Jim Tensen, previously John Tensen, Justice. Lt. Col. Dionne McQuaid, previously Indigo of DP7, Simon Rodstvow,  villain who clashed with Psi-Force.


And being set up as a group to take down The Ultimates. Last month, they gathered, discussed and meditated…

But today we get a new take on Kathy Ling. Not just Shockwave, the telekinetic from Psi-Force…


She's Spitfire. As in "And The Troubleshooters".


What the hell's next, Kickers Inc?


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