Stephen Colbert On Marvel's New Muslim Superhero – "For Pete's Sake, They're On The No Fly List"

The Colbert Report last night jumped on the Ms Marvel story from the last few days.

And for those locationally challenged… from Stephen Colbert;

"This time the battlefield is comic books. And that sadden me because I'm a fan. Colourful pictures and a lack of grammar. Hulk smash, I like."


"This affront has taken me aback. A Muslim can't be a superhero, for Pete's sake, they're on the no fly list."

"Folks, if she can shape shift, then literally anything could be muslim, a lamp, a sandwich, tiger, a non threatening Muslim."


"It's even more upsetting when you consider the original Ms Marvel, she was wholesome and all American, blonde, family values, with two bulging chest muscles and clearly wearing her Sunday church panties."


"This is nothing more than Sharia creep, plain and simple. First she's a comic character, then she gets her own movie, then action figures, the next thing you know, my kids are dressing up as her for Hallowe'en and shouting trick or treat, death to Captain America."

You know, it is a shame that Grant Morrison's Dust in New X-Men and Paul Cornell's Excalibur in MI13 never quite got this attention. But good that Ms Marvel is!


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