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Jamie McKelvie Returns To Captain Marvel For One Issue Only
But in July he's back at the boards for Carol Danvers. Jamie McKelvie will be writing and drawing the story for Captain Marvel #30, which also features Ms Marvel, who McKelvie also helped design even though he has, until now, not drawn stories featuring either of them. Jamie McKelvie's designs for Captain Marvel. And it almost didn't happen[...]
Ms. Marvel released new footage (Image: Disney+)
In fact, in the second tweet from Wilson, it sounds like the team behind the series have gone out of their to make sure "the sight gags and Easter eggs" from the comic book series will be finding their way onto the small screen. I have seen footage of the Ms Marvel sets — G[...]
Marvel Comics Cancels Magnificent Ms Marvel In January 2021
Marvel Comics announced that in January, writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Minkyu Jung will end their run on the  Magnificent Ms Marvel comic book with an oversized finale issue #18 Marvel generally doesn't announce final issues, they just allow readers to notice that a book has gone missing from its future solicitations So there is[...]