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Everyone Trying to Use Sunfire & Redroot in This Week's X-Men Comics

Yesterday's X-Men Unlimited Infinity #111 leads in directly with the only Krakoan X-Men comic printed today, X-Men #28.

Article Summary

  • 'X-Men Unlimited Infinity' #111 and 'X-Men' #28 cross over as Sunfire carries on in Otherworld.
  • Sunfire is trying to keep the consciousness of the mutant island, Redroot, alive.
  • Forces are aiming to use Sunfire and Redroot's remains in Otherworld.
  • Mutants may have to face a public rebellion triggered by Orchis.

Yesterday's X-Men Unlimited Infinity #111 ties in directly with the only Krakoan X-Men comic printed today, X-Men #28. As Sunfire traverses Otherworld, unable to return to Earth after the closing of the Krakoan gates by Orchis. And keeping one item very close to him.

With Redroot, the personification of Arakko embedded in him, keeping the mutant island consciousness alive.

With Moira Mactaggert working for, and with, Orchis, to get it back. And Sunfire keeping it safe and making a vow.


Which dives directly into today's X-Men #28, with Sunfire still holding Redroot close to his heart.


But a vow can only last for so long. Which seems to be "not very".


And Redroot is torn asunder from the nuclear fire keeping him going, the both of them falling.


Only for their very blood to be used by another force. Of course, there are more than one force trying to use Sunfire and Redoot's combined remains in Otherworld…

Such as Mad James Jaspers of the Crooked Market… and also a certain Apocalypse on his way back to Arakko.


Looks like someone is going to try and take Arakko back from Genesis. And maybe it would be handy to have a nuclear weapon and a personification of Arakko when doing so. Given that Orchis are relying on the Aakko Civil War to stop the Martian mutants coming to the aid of the Earth mutants…


…they may need another plan. And Orchis is left on the back foot. So it's time for them to inspire a new public rebellion against mutants. And that trial of Cyclops is a favourite.


Currently, Jean Grey is going through her own past and has just hit Inferno. I recall there was some issue finding musical guests for the King's coronation as well. Is that a reference to zero carbon, but for anti-mutant bigotry instead? And where in Europe might that trial take place? Well, I can name one place it won't.


Doctor Doom might want to check the tectonic plates on that one… or the Marvel website.


Bavarian Alps! Theya re indeed in Germany. I never expected Latveria to be part of the European Union, but not even part of Europe? That would be a Lexit too far…

X-MEN #28
(W) Gerry Duggan (A/CA) Joshua Cassara
Juggernaut has come a long way from his beginnings as a bully transformed into an unstoppable foe of the X-Men. In fact, he'd recently become one of mutantkind's best human allies. So why is he trying to kill Firestar?
Rated T+In Shops: Nov 01, 2023
SRP: $3.99

X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic (2021) #111
Published: October 30, 2023
Writer: Steve Foxe, Steve Orlando
Penciler: Lynne Yoshii
Cover Artist: Lynne Yoshii
Conclusion to "The Redroot Saga." While a flickering ember of hope remains, Sunfire stays steadfast in his mission to bring the wayward Redroot home to Arakko. But with his own strength failing, how can Sunfire possibly come up against Moira X?


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