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The Hellfire Gala Timeline - Adds X-Corp, New Mutants, Planet-Size X-Men
Four days before… The mutants of Arakko being too big for Krakoa Three days before in Planet-Size X-Men… …Krakoan diplomacy showing cracks with Magneto coming up with a solution to all their problems Two days before in Planet-Size X-Men…   As Captain America notices the change in the world, and Cyclops invites him to hear their plans for themselves[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
But also that Mars would fall along with Krakoa… …and that it is all Mister Sinister's fault. That he defected from Krakoa and was later executed, more recently, as part of X Of Swords, X-Men #14 had this prophecy from Arakko. Arakko and Krakoa are sentient islands that were once one but became two[...]
Six Matches Decided In This Week's X Of Swords Comics
Not big ones, but enough to give the flavour… last week's Marauders #14 ended rather suddenly with Wolverine doing something very bad to Her Royal Whyness, the Omniversal Majestrix, Opal Luna Saturnyne, in an attempt to prevent the tournament between the X-Men champions of Krakoa and the Apocalypse children champions of Arakko, taking place in[...]