Swag! Small Press Expo Edition Twice Over

I was relatively moderate in my Small Press Expo swag this year compared to previous years–but pretty focused in getting some great books.

On the first day, I gathered the following:

IMG_2847Here you can see a signed edition of Jennifer Hayden's new Top Shelf book The Story of My Tits,  and Noah Van Sciver's Fante Bukowski from Fantagraphics, the original minicomic Zodiac Starforce, now grown into a series at Dark Horse Comics, a signed poster for the upcoming comic and animated series Welcome To Showside by Ian McGinty from Z2 Comics, all new "all star trading cards" for members of Hang Dai Editions out of Brooklyn, and the new graphic novel from Fantagraphics, Dorfler by Jeremy Baum from Pittsburgh.

IMG_2951On the second day of the show, I came home with a unique accordion comic in special box drawn by Christa Cassano based on a story by Dean Haspiel of Hang Dai Studios in Brooklyn, "A Letter Lasts Longer", a Vertigo collection of Matt Kindt's Revolver with signed inlaid bookplate from the CBLDF with their latest releases, and a signed edition of the most recent of Dylan Horrock's books, Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen from Fantagraphics. It was an excellent show for many reasons, but these are great books to check out now that I'm home.

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