Talking It Out With Today's Walking Dead #125

It has to be said that The Walking Dead, or late, has been pretty much all-action. The book has been criticised of late for too much talking, too much walking, and not enough dead. Or not enough action. But the All Out War storyline has pretty much put a stop to that kind of talk about talk.


But this issue, The Walking Dead #125, talk makes a comeback. In a one-on-one with Rick and Negan, Lucille doesn't get swung. Guns don't get raised.


Jaw-jaw instead or war-war.


Can such a situation be maintained? With so much done by so many to both sides? Is it time for a Walking Dead truth and reconciliation committee?


You'll just have to buy The Walking Dead to find out…

The Walking Dead #125 is published today. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London.


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