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Terrific Production LLC Offers to Revive Black Crown, Tells Industry to Stop Poaching Their Artists

Following yesterday's report from Bleeding Cool that Black Crown will part ways with IDW, Andrew Rev, the owner of Terrific Production LLC, and his five-person foreign social media team, have stepped up with an offer to revive the imprint. Terrific tweeted:

As we all know by now, Terrific Production LLC burst onto the scene in August when it was revealed they had purchased the rights to Rob Liefeld's Youngblood, much to Liefeld's own chagrin. Terrific soon launched a Twitter account that has been a wellspring of clickbait articles as the company has been trying to recruit comic book creators on Twitter, offering to take young up-and-comers like Ryan Stegman and turn them into stars. Terrific has even made overtures toward Alan Moore, as well as David LaphamJames Tynion IV, and Evan Dorkin, who they approached by responding to a tweet eulogizing Ernie Colon. Terrific's campaign to recruit creators online even targeted Brian Wood for a series of Youngblood prose novels. After announcing the title of their new Youngblood series, Youngblood Unchained #1, Terrific expressed interest in having legendary X-Men scribe Chris Claremont, who is a Marvel exclusive writer, write it. The publisher has also reached out on Twitter to DC Comics to invite Jim Lee and Dan Didio to write a Wildstorm crossover with Youngblood, though they would accept Brian Bendis as well. They recently launched and then quickly canceled a project asking fans to design a character to fight Youngblood, a character which Terrific would then own all intellectual property rights to.

Thus, it probably won't surprise you to learn that Terrific Production has had enough of other publishers trying to poach their talent.

Teriffic has also recently become enamored with a YouTube video telling the children's story of The Little Red Hen, who finds some wheat seeds but is unable to convince her farm friends to help her plant them, mill them into flour, or bake the flour into bread. After doing all the work, the hen is not shocked to learn that the other animals are more than happy to help her eat it, but she tells them, "Nope, this bread is for those who worked on it." According to Terrific Production LLC, they are the hen in this comics industry analogy.

On Twitter, they shouted:


The saga continues…

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