The Deadpool Effect On The Rob Liefeld Signature

A copy of New Mutants #98, the first appearance of Deadpool signed by Rob Liefeld, slabbed in 9.6 condition, just sold for $700 on eBay. A similar unsigned slabbed copy sold for $362.

You might see why Liefeld might feel justified in charging for his signature, especially after the Deadpool movie hit.

Which is one reason why Rob Liefeld's price list for signing comics has jumped from New York in 2013…


To Toronto in 2016.unnamed (5)Though do bear in mind that the first is in US dollars and the second is Canadian dollars. The US version is $10 to $20 cheaper for each.

But considering the price increase between a signed and unsigned copy of New Mutants #98, $60 US still seems a bargain….


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