The Future Batmen Of Detective Comics #27, Black Robin And All, Is DC New 52 Canon

Forget Five Years Later, today's Detective Comics #27 takes a trip far into the future, into the 23rd century. And shows us a variety of Batmen and Robins along the way.

It's not the only story in the comic to show the future. Peter Tomasi gives us a Dark Knight-ish version with an elderly Bruce Wayne, close to the Batman Beyond version, commanding his troops, with his son Damian as The Batman – before slipping into the costume itself with this little homage…


But by marrying different versions of characters, some dead, it indicates that this is an "imaginary story" albeit a rather fun one, up there with the Catbird and White Batman hallucinations of Gothtopia.


But there is a story towards the end, by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy which I understand is different. That shows many future Batmen, over two hundred years, all born from the original. But is intended to be hard canon. This, folks, is the future of the Batuniverse.


From giant robots and clones, cyborgs to hoverboards, to characters such as Backwards Man, Bluebird, Harvest and Lark, expect what you read here today to start to appear in Batman comics in the future. As well as the Batman's rather unique way of preserving his legacy.

IMG_0030Which also means that, yes, our African-Gotham Robin is most definitely in permanent Batman continuity… I understand we should expect plenty more of what we see here today  to come.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently hosting a Game Of Thrones exhibition featuring the storyboard and illustration work of Will Simpson, who will be giving a public talk on his work on Friday evening.


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