The Great Stephanie Brown Argument Against Batman, In Today's Detective Comics (Spoiler)

We know that Spoiler hasn't been that happy about the supposed death of Tim Drake. But the recent storyline where the Batfamily are attacked by those who believe they are innocent victims of Batactivity has hit hard on Stephanie Brown, the woman behind the hood. Detective Comics #946 ended with this little twist.


And for all those who thought that Stephanie Brown could hold her own against anyone in the Batfamily, you get that belief justified in full.


Not so toxic now, eh? But then, pof course, there's Daddy himself.


And hey, all kids know that their parents can be defeated by a mobile phone and the internet.


It's a pretty strong argument. And this comic does… a really bad job trying to get out of it. Almost as if they really don't want to.


Detective Comics #947 by James TynionIV, Alvaro Martinez and Raul Fernandez is published today.

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