The New Jersey Comic Shop Closing Because the Owner Never Liked Comics

The Record Store in Howell, New Jersey opened in 1988 by Jeff Lega, is about to close its doors. Originally a record store, it grew and transformed into a comic book store as a way to survive a music downturn. Posting on Facebook, the store stated,

The owner, Jeff has decided to close down The Record Store at this time. He has been involved with the music business now for over 45 years. The Record Store did start out as a record store in Howell, 30 years ago. He has seen many ups as well as many downs but he has stuck with it all this time. However, in the last few years he has found his enthusiasm waning and more importantly, his heart has just not been in the business anymore.

Turning 60 this year he felt that given this may be the final chapter in his life, wanted to explore other adventures and opportunities..

So he felt it was best to close up shop. Our final day is scheduled for January 31st, 2019. We will continue to have new comic releases up to and including the week of January 23rd, 2019.

Lega gave more details to Jersey Shore Online that he is instead moving into a pure music career. "It had nothing to do with the sales actually…My heart just hasn't been here for a long time. No little business can survive on just one thing." As to the comic book line, which the store took on in 1996 with outside help, "it was really not my forte" and, twelve years later, believes that the comics industry is "a gimmick" citing relaunches and cover variants and that adding comics to the store, he was just "going through the motions."

The New Jersey Comic Shop Closing Because the Owner Never Liked Comics

The store will close on February 3rd and is running a sale until then. As for the cassette sign on the roof…

Regarding the cassette on the roof. We love the cassette. We would love to have it sitting in one of our living rooms for eternity. We have already talked to someone about the process to even just take it down, and he told us that it's in bad shape, and will most likely crumble apart when it is taken down, partially because the thing weighs 200 pounds.

Says so much…

The New Jersey Comic Shop Closing Because the Owner Never Liked Comics

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