The Police Case Against Superman In Today's Action Comics #42

The last issue of Action Comics saw the police of Metropolis descending upon the neighbourhood in which Clark Kent lives to burn it to the ground, for reason of alien cooties, or somesuch, now that everyone knows Superman's secret identity.

Anyway, Superman has an issue with that, as you might expect. And in today's issue from Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder, as the Metropolis population turn to passive resistance against a very aggressive force. Superman makes a personal appeal.


IMG_0014 But he hasn't reckoned with Binghampton. Who makes the case for a Metropolis against Superman.

IMG_0013Aggressive attempts to cause provocation, with the intent to justify a reaction from the police that is the planned policy all along.

And then justified by Fox News later that night. And mocked by the Daily Show the night after. This is the way things are….

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics of London, who will be making their first trip to San Diego Comic Con together later this week. But first, they have a signing with Si Spurrier today and an exhibition launch and talk with Mark Buckingham on Saturday…




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