The Return of the Joker to Detective Comics for Year of the Villain in July

What would the Year of the Villain be without The Joker returning to the pages of Batman comics? It would still be a super-mega-crossover conglomerate with $4.99 cardstock variant covers, of course, but it just wouldn't feel the same, you know? Thankfully, DC knows where its bread is buttered, and The Joker will indeed return to Gotham City for Detective Comics #1008, by Peter J. Tomasi, Doug Mahnke, and Jaime Mendoza, hitting stores in July and revealed this weekend as part of DC's solicitations.

But surprisingly, it's not the Joker that gets his face on the Year of the Villain variant. That honor belongs to Mr. Freeze, with Lex Luthor making Freeze "The Offer." And that offer apparently finally wakes up Freeze's wife, though something is "very, very wrong with Nora." Well of course there is, haven't these bad guys paid attention to any similar story ever?

Check out the solicit for Detective Comics #1008 below.

written by PETER J. TOMASI
art and cover by DOUG MAHNKE and JAIME MENDOZA
variant cover by BRYAN HITCH
The Joker returns to Gotham City! The Joker is through working with the Legion of Doom, and he wants to get back to his roots: giving Batman absolute hell! The Clown Prince of Crime comes back with a bang—and he's not about to take prisoners!
As if that weren't enough, Lex Luthor delivers the cure for Mr. Freeze's beloved wife, Nora, freeing her from cryo-stasis at last! But something else is very, very wrong with Nora…
ON SALE 07.24.19
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES
This issue will ship with two covers.
Please see the order form for details.

The Return of the Joker to Detective Comics for Year of the Villain in July

The Return of the Joker to Detective Comics for Year of the Villain in July

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