The Worthy Revealed #1 (Fear Itself SPOILERS)

Marvel asked Who Are The Worthy? Well, since they put it so nicely…

Today Bleeding Cool will be showing a few images featuring The Worthy , characters turned into subjects of Skadi and the Fear God in Marvel's Fear Itself series that are rather good at revealing who is who and what they're looking like. Some you have seen in thumbnails, some you have seen with bits hidden, some of these are brand new. And we'll definitively name the characters who have been transformed. If you want to avoid Fear Itself spoilers, you want to avoid this article. You have been warned.

First up… the Hulk.

The Worthy Revealed #1 (Fear Itself SPOILERS)

Yes we've seen him in this form before but this is to spare front page spoilers for Marvel's villainous strongwoman who I remember first meeting in the first Marvel event crossover, Secret Wars, Titania. Before…

The Worthy Revealed #1 (Fear Itself SPOILERS)

And after. There's a few more Secret Wars veterans to follow too…The Worthy Revealed #1 (Fear Itself SPOILERS)

Note the hammer itself changes. Nice. More in an hour.

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